Pimax 12K QLED - The most INSANE VR headset


Will they deliver? That’s the key. If it’s really only 1 year away, you should probably cancel your Varjo order. However, give Pimax’s track record, this could be 2 or 3 years away.


In time to have hardware to run FS in 1080p on this headset :rofl:

We already have samples at the Shanghai office, with most functionality built in (apart from a few exceptions). The new Pimax Reality series will also include other new headset models with various specs, but I cannot go into the details yet - exciting things will be shown in our Pimax booth at CES 2022 by the way, which is not far away!


GPU´s which could run this thing are not even built yet :smiley:

Pimax 5k.The worst headset i ever owned, and I`ve had most of them. You should give a free course in VR engineering so you know how to get an acceptable view in this thing. Long live the Reverb G2 I say.


They are running the in-house samples with 3080s and 3090s, and according to reports, Half Life Alyx does full frame rate at least.

Pimax 5K Plus was dealing with many early issues since this was the start of the wide FOV era and Pimax first attempt for a new design and components/modules, so many things went wrong initially. Today, the 8KX blows away most people. You should try it. As a Pimax owner, you also get the price you paid deducted from the price of 12K. So if you have a 8KX and purchased it for 1299 (at any point), you get the 12K for 1100 only.

From CES 2020:

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I have owned a G2 since xmas 2020, i’ve owned an 8kx for 1 month, the 8kx is more immersive. the G2 is a fantastic hmd but the 8kx out does it with its fov and bigger sweet spot (and so it should since its double the price). colours on the G2 are slightly better, and its slightly sharper in the sweet spot but the sweet spot is so small.

once you have viewed 170 degrees fov you dont go back, like you dont go back to 2D after VR. i have enjoyed my G2 but its for sale if anyone is interested, pm me.
Edit: sold


Interesting read, I may look into the 8KX as a possible upgrade from my G2… wish I could try it first though, it’s not cheap hehe :wink:

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Well, as reluctant as I am when it comes to anything Pimax related - I never owned one, but I followed all the media on their headsets as a possible CV1 upgrade - I’ll be looking in a year or so, so I’ll keep an eye on it and wait for reviews and any forum discussions (as that’s where most of the after release headset issues come to light, from users).

My Index has served me very well, but after 2 years it’s starting to have issues and although I like my Quest 2, I’m not sure I’ll want to go the way Facebook seem to be heading with their policies, not their tech.

SweViver, where are you with the distortion? Is it completely gone in the sample units already? Thanks.

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I’m a VR enthusiast, but also a very pessimistic person. I love all these super-high resolution headsets that are coming out, but I have my doubts that they can be driven by graphics cards that are available. The burden on graphics cards is double: high resolution means you need to drive many pixels, but it also means you need to run at high graphics settings with great graphics detail. What I’m saying is that in a low resolution headset you can get away with low graphics detail (since you can’t make out the detail anyway). A high resolution VR set that you have to run in medium graphics settings in MSFS defeats its purpose, in my opinion. But, of course, I would love to be proven wrong…

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To me this isn’t just about high end resolution HMD tech, it’s about the company’s SERVICE and REPUTATION with CUSTOMERS overall.
Pimax has a horrible track record of customer service particularly concerning technical/RMA service to it’s customers. A 12K QLED HMD simply doesn’t make the past dealings and negative experiences with Pimax go away. I’ll give an upcoming company like Varjo a chance before giving Pimax a 2nd or 3rd at this point.

No thanks Pimax!

If Asobo were to expand the FOV for frustrum culling and thus end the need for parallel projection, they would have better frame rates in the 8kx than with the G2. However, they are currently lower.

How can a higher pixel count display have better frame rates with all other settings equal? Not doubting your reply, just trying to learn…

Different processes use different resources. For example, wmr loses approx. 20% compared to SteamVR in DCS.

Okay, I have taken your advice and ordered an 8k kdmas with player kit. Reading other reports, maybe I had a bad 5k unit as the 8k seems to have many more good reviews than bad. Should come in 3-5 business days so i`ll let you know if i owe you a drink or not LoL.


Awesome, Im sure you will love the 8KX!
If you need any assistance with the setup, and recommendations regarding settings for FS2020 and games in general, just let me know and I will gladly assist you.

For sure. Thanks, i`ll be in touch.

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Fully agree. I have owned several headsets but Pimax is not and never will be one of them. I especially do not like their marketing methods.

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