Pimax announces two new models

Here’s their rollout video (Frontier 2024). April 15, 2024
New Crystal Super ($200 more than the present Crystal).
New Crystal Light ($900 cheaper than the present Crystal).
Air link: for the Super or the old crystal. Makes the headset wireless.


For Flt Sim, which Crystal Super would one select for best results? Tks!

Yes, I have seen most of the YouTube videos about the new Pimax VR models. Well done to Pimax, at last we can now have a decent PC DP tethered VR headset for about 725 UK pounds (Crystal Light local dimming), ideal for FSVR. I don’t think Meta will ever bring out a PC only DP tethered VR headset. A Quest 4 will be another stand alone headset. Obviously, if you add on a few extras to the Pimax Light, that will push up the price to around £1000, but still very good value, for a VR with those specifications. Waiting for all the reviews before I decide to buy. Certainly be going to the Pimax Roadshow in London UK.

It’s your choice. As for me, I would almost definitely be going for the Pimax Crystal Light (dimming version). Do a lot of research, and watch all the YouTube videos. If you can travel to one of the Pimax Roadshows, near where you live, then it will be a worth while visit, and have a demo. I live in London, so obviously I have already picked that venue. Register your Roadshow Venue on Pimax website.

As a current Pimax Crystal owner I think that the upcoming Pimax Crystal Light would be a great successor for any Valve Index or HP Reverb G2 etc. headsets.
The new Crystal Light could become THE go to VR headset for many flight sim enthusiasts.
If I was looking for a first VR headset today, I would take a very close look at it.


If you need another DP port, see here:

Very interesting and exciting!

I’d probably go with the QLED Super for sims, mainly for it’s higher FOV. You can always add the OLED module later if it proves to be better, or just buy it with the Super combo bundle. If both prove to be as good as advertised, I’ll go for the Super combo bundle. I just hope my current i913900k/rtx4090/32Gb 6400ram PC is going to be good enough, lol!

Like all Pimax new products, I think it’s best to wait to see a few reviews before jumping on the bandwagon. If you’re lucky enough to live where Pimax will be holding demo sessions, attending those could also be very useful.

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The preorders for the Pimax Light versions are first come, first serve. ($30.00) (refunds when purchased).

Pimax Super reservation is also first come first serve. (Reservation not preorder because these will release later, I think). (99 cents USD). (refunds when purchased).

Excellent points!! I was wondering if my 4090 rig will handle it as well. Thanks much!!!

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Light might be cheaper than the regular Crystal, but it is still almost three times the cost of what I paid for my Quest 3 here in Sweden. Pimax always advertising their products without VAT makes them look cheaper compared to most other products that got VAT already included.

Regular Crystal: 20 000SEK
Light: 12300 SEK
My Quest 3: 4800SEK
Current Quest 3 price: 6500SEK

Ya, I kinda doubt that even our rtx4090’s are going to handle +50ppd headsets like the super or VR1. I’m starting to think that the 35ppd Crystal Light with local dimming might be a better way to go for now. Because I already have 2x2.0 base stations and Index controllers I might go with the option to get this without controllers but with the SteamVR faceplate for $899.

There’s an interesting take on this;