Piper Arrow Turbo (Just Flight) cockpit freezes - workaround?

Hi Guys, in todays flight the cockpit switches just stopped reacting. Is there a known instability issue? this is my third flight all was fine until today. Is this a product issue or a MSFS problem?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Never had the problem
Have you got the latest update?

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At least 100+ hours in the Arrows so far… never seen that issue in any version of it.

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System temperatures, GPU voltages, even Windows update … all things that can cause such behaviour and hopefully all things the JUL27 update can fix.

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Hello guys, yes all up to date so far! But curiously by reading at other forums such as PMDG, there a post about cockpit freezing as well, in that case in the DC6. So I believe this is an Asobo issue. Fortunately the cockpit reacted again after some minutes in the cruise. If this happens in approach then game over :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Had you just opened or closed the ATC window by any chance, when the controls froze?

Because this has been a constant bug for me - it happens infrequently, and randomly and I have reported it to zendesk and talked about it here but either it is not widespread or some folks are attributing it to something else.
It has happened to me while in flight either when I have just opened or just closed the ATC window. It also happens just after landing and contacting ground or reporting clear of the runway.
The sim seems to react to the ATC window as if it were the drone camera - if you noticed that as soon as you activate the drone cam you can’t control the aircraft until you return to the normal view cameras (cockpit etc…)

:joy: well after all that it just happend to me for the first time ever!
The whole cockpit froze, gauges and switches etc
But I could still hear them switching when using my controller; I just couldn’t use the mouse

The lights on my bravo stopped working just before it happend :thinking:

No, this is a complete stop of the sim. For me, when it happens, and it’s usually right after I’ve started a flight, the whole sim stops. I can bring up the windows menu and run programs outside of MSFS, but, MSFS is locked up for around a minute or two. Then it lets go, and, usually, the rest of the flight is fine. I’ve been getting this for a long time, since the P.149 came out. I mainly see it with the JF Arrow, but, that might just be because I’ve been flying that a lot lately.

oh that is different
I can still fly but just the cockpit is unresponsive!

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Yeah for me as well - the sim keeps running - plane keeps flying or rolling, but I have no control for about 3-7 seconds…until it unlocks or the plane crashes into something

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Can you change your view?

I imagine if I was flying, it would keep flying. It has only happened to me typically around startup.

I always start cold and dark and go through my check list, so it takes a bit (I walk around the plane and stuff).

Don’t know as I’ve never tried but the scenery keeps moving.
I imagine i could land the plane as long as I don’t need to use my mouse to lower the gear etc

Never had it in the Arrow, but a few times in the DC6.
All control inputs remain working, and if you click on a switch or button the command will actually work, although you can’t see it (the switch is flipped, but there is no animation or sound confirming it).
In the 6, the digital instruments like radios or DME keep working, but anything else is frozen. It usually clears by itself, sometimes within seconds, sometimes many minutes.
It is always combined with a graphic artifact on the outside.
I found no trigger for it, first I thought it had subverting to do with icing, but then I also had it in cruise with clear skies and no interaction in any way from my side.

The way you describe the issue is exactly how I experienced it in the Piper Arrow. That takes me to the conclusion that is an Asobo issue, but I haven’t heard from anything officially about it…