Piper PA 44 Seminole Sounds

After updating yesterday the PA 44 Seminole the inside sound of the engine’s sound… what could I say…very bad.

With the initial release it was also not matching real interior engine sounds but it degrades in this update another notch. For me to bad to fly long legs with sound enabled. It sounds like the engines have piston clamps.

@Carenado I appreciate to take more care about engine sounds interior and exterior of the specific type of aircraft.

The Mooney sounds are same scenario: Not comparable to real. There are many YT Videos how a Mooney M20R sounds inside and outside.

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Do I have to confirm, sounds very strange to me now. They should have changed something about the sound with the last hotfix / update from Carenado.

good product turns rubish due a so small detail

I just bought it today and flew it for a couple of hours. Sounds seems OK to me… Maybe it is my sound setup.

Also the new released Seneca V is horrible to hear inside and outside. I have experience with both the PA44 and Seneca V and I must say that the JF Piper Arrow is the most intense and real experience out so far in the SEP-MEP. They really took a lot work in it and it’s very close to the real sound experience IRL.
Well done !