Piper PA44 Seminole Basic Information

I just purchased the PA44 Seminole from the Marketplace and I have some information about it.

The aircraft has 2 piston engines. It is most similar to the Baron 58 in the Deluxe version of the game. However, unlike the Baron, this aircraft has steam gauges, not the Garmin G1000. This makes the PA44 the only aircraft in the game with twin piston engines and steam gauges.

The startup procedure that I found that works is to:

  1. Turn on the master/battery switch and alternator (only 1)
  2. Turn on the fuel selector (in between the seats) for target engine
  3. Turn on both mags for the engine, close cases
  4. Turn on the fuel pump for the engine
  5. Prime the engine by pressing the button once
  6. Press the engine starter once (either left or right)
  7. Repeat process for other engine
  8. Turn off fuel pumps

The aircraft has cowl flaps that can be opened when taking off/climbing to reduce cylinder head temperature (I do not think this has any actual effect on the CHT though). The aircraft has carbonator heat levers that can be turned on when descending/taxiing. The aircraft has a throttle/prop/mixture setup:

The RPM lever affects the RPM and the throttle affects the manifold pressure as expected. The mixture lever does affect the Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) at low altitudes, but you really need to lean it out at higher altitudes to see any effect. There does not appear to be any fuel flow gauge that I can find.

The aircraft comes with a very small auto-pilot:

The auto-pilot switch is located with the lights/radio switches. The CDI switch on the Garmin works, and all the buttons on the auto-pilot appear to work.

The aircraft can optionally display static elements when parked:

It comes with 5 liveries:

The aircraft is a much better deal than the C182T, even though it is the same price. It is similar to the Mooney, but it has 2 engines instead of 1. Like the Beechcraft Baron G58, this aircraft feels quite stable to fly. I have also purchased the Duchess Model 76 from Just Flight in X-Plane 11, and this aircraft feels quite similar to the Duchess in terms of airframe shape and behavior (though I think the systems on the Duchess are modelled much more accurately).

Fun to fly, a much-needed aircraft in the simulator.


It FLYS … that’s something…
But the panel looks very “FS2004 / FSX” and the images of the 2.5D Gauges look Flat & “Printed on flat paper”

AP is interesting , not familiar with that Model, but it does not seem to have a Altitude Preset to hold at. By design or by ommision … but I miss the Altitude Preset of the KAP140

Status display is way dim, (Must be realistically OLD, and needs a new backlight ??? )

PDF documentation is “minimal” and looks like it took all of of 1 Hour to put together.

Still has a lot of old FSX code in it … while it “will” run in MSFS, its “minimal” MSFS compatible.

For $30 I guess you get what you pay for … I will get my $30 worth of fun out of it, but compared with what you get with Premium or Deluxe, its pricey for a regurgitated FSX plane.

I see many Amateur Modders, taking FSX planes and making then flyable, and they are no worse than Carenado’s efforts here.

Its a stretch to call it a MSFS Plane … more realistically, it is what it is, a hastily conveted FSX plane, that is able to function in the MSFS sim,

So, it is what I really expected it to be - no less, and certainly no more,

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“a very small autopilot” :laughing:

Sorry, struck me funny… Great things come in small packages
(not that the autopilot is necessarily great, or not great, I have no idea, #justsayin)

Great review, though, thank you

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Rather than just delete this post, and pretend I never made this mistake, since some have been so kind as to educate me. and show me where my logic was wrong, I’ll leave it here, as they were good enough to reply to this post.

Thank you… (if you don’t make the occasion mistake, you are not going to learn very much)

Original Post

OMG — Its basically working with a 2D Panel !!! No perspective at all – no matter what angle you look at the panel, with items close to you, like the Throttle Quadrant, they remain LOCKED over the background, as in 2D

There is no relative movement between foreground or background objects.

If you cannot see a gauge, because something is in the way, it does you no good to move your viewpoint with the mouse (or Track IR)

Its Pre- FSX !!!


The autopilot is an S-Tec 55x system. A very real autopilot. The altitude pre selector is an optional extra, so it’s omission is completely realistic.

Personally I’m excited to see some different avionics in a new aircraft. I hate when every aircraft released, has the same radio stack, the same attitude indicator, same HSI etc. Especially when modelling older models, these differences are important and realistic.

Now if only someone would make a Garmin 155 or a Bendix/King KLN89/B…


I guess I should have paid Carenado the extra few $$$ to add the SA-200 Altitude Pre-Selector , but then the “Non Functional Encoding Altimeter with Baro Connection” would have broken the bank .


Carenado, are you here?
Thanks for the long awaited plane! You are the best. I am very pleased with it. Thanks!


A basic question, at this time of the year.

Has it anti ice?^^

Love flying the Bonanza but its impossible at this temperatures, atleast in europe.

Im really glad im not you .

No. Going by the picture, there’s no boots on the wing or tail.

The EGT gauge is working properly for me. They may have updated it.

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This is the qustion I came looking for an answer to. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t simply over looking the altitude selector. I do wish they had included it, but I do enjoy the variety of systems we’ve been getting.

My very 1st contact with this aircraft :slight_smile:

Last minutes of my 1st contact

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Looking at a review of it on Avsim, it was released with several bugs included.

Carenado is not interested in testing every detail of their planes, only with making a profit. The only time they will fix something is if it starts to cut into that profit. With them being the first player into the market for MSFS so far, that profit keeps coming in and they can continue slacking on getting things right and keeping them that way.

Just look at the Mooney. Over a month and a half and still no fix from them. When they finally do fix it, it’ll only be a partial fix (that’s all Carenado knows how to do).

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What problem ? I own Mooney all is working like a charm !
And for now same with PA44. not flown enough for exhaustive test but all is ok so far…


Speaking of bugs, did anyone meet this one : On dark and cold start, the ailerons are not in neutral position, whatever the stick. My first take off ended abruptly when while taking speed on runway the right wing lifted for a turn and well you guess what happened…
Exterior view shows effectively the ailerons are up on one wing and down on the other. It takes several movements with the stick to set them both coordinated in neutral position. Not very realistic…

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Never met this problem !

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I cannot reproduce the problems with perspective. Everything appears to be in 3D. My only problem with the panel is that the buttons look like they are just pure white geometry. They have no texture to them.

@ Halikarnasus

Sorry … My BAD !!!

I had not realize this before.

If you move about with the Mouse, your perspective does not change.

If you move left-right, up down (ie with keyboard arrows) then your perspective does change.

It’s actually working correctly, just as in RL … I was incorrectly expecting to be able to move with the mouse, and see around things… but that is WRONG … my error,


Congratulations, I like people able to recognize their errors !