Pipistrel Virus SW 121 - Avionics


Will the avionics be updated to the new G3X on the next SU 15?

Alan / From Brazil.

No. Those are in Portrait mode, and are out of scope.

And what would be the difficulty in bringing the G3X to this model since there are real aircraft flying in this configuration with the G3X? Like this:


Working Title said they won’t do Portrait Mode. Feel free to ask them yourself on their G3X Discord Channel.

The problem is that the orientation isn’t just a reformat of the data, it’s a complete rebuild of the interface, and there are a lot of customizations that are specific to both the plane it’s installed on as well as the orientation itself.

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From a relatively recent post from Bishop, time is the factor here. They stated they had sunk 10+ thousand hours into the G3X Landscape version, and it would be thousands more hours to make the Portrait one.

I guess if someone were to pay them to do it they would.

I’d be satisfied if they could just change the map view from North Up to Track Up by default.

The thing that stinks is portrait mode would be easier to read as a HSI/VSI