Pisa It's not Leaning anymore!

But they flattened the Cathedral


A huge shame for that area… I hope somebody will model it such that we can all visit it, yet we can’t expect the AI to recreate it correctly.


Interesting… Obviously the AI is reading a height from somewhere but it’s just throwing the object as vertical, as most buildings would be.

Makes me wonder if Photogrammetry would render this with the lean, or vertical as well.

Bug Confirmed

Workaround resolution:
Use a 3" book of your choice and place it under your left side of the monitor stand.

Case status: resolved

Enjoy your flight. :slight_smile:


Spits coffee out laughing

You’re playing a dangerous game there… Next thing we’ll have a dozen threads and bug reports that the whole FlightSim World is inaccurate due to the world and ‘views’ being out by 30º or “My Monitor crashed to desktop!” :rofl:


It reads the height from OSM metadata. I guess there is no “angle of attack” data field. :grinning:

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