Pitts In Peru - Multiplayer Event Saturday , November 13th, 2021 - FSB

Multiplayer Event


Get aboard your Pitts Special, on Cajamarca’s tarmac (8 000 ft). Turn on your engine and and get ready for a thrilling and mesmerizing adventure through the North Andes, across deep, narrow and tortuous valleys.

We will land at high altitude airfields (10 000/13 000 ft), follow sinuous roads on Andes Plateau surrounded by incredible landscapes. The final leg will be a long and adrenaline filled descent to the end of this incredible maze: the coastal town of Buenos Aires.

There will be 6 landings, a few ones at high altitudes, with your tail dragger Pitts Special. Always watch your mixture and maintain as much power as you can.

Takeoff is at 2000Z. Latecomers can always join along the way. The flight time will be between two and three hours long. If you stay with us all the way, that’s great. But if you have to leave early, that’s no problem either. We will make a 10 minute break at Huamachuco (SPUC).

Date / Time 13/11/21 - 02:00 PM CDT /// 2000Z /// 20:00 GMT
Sim: Microsoft Flight Simulator
Server: EAST USA
Departure ICAO: SPJR
Arrival ICAO: SPEO
Aircraft recommendation: Pitts Special
Aircraft not recommended: Anything else :wink:

Flight Conditions

WEATHER & TIME: Daytime, Live Weather or preset of choice.
WEATHER & TIME recommendation: 3:00pm (local time), DNBOF - atmospheric (free mod, see below).

Important Event Links

Optional mod but recommended if you want to fly with the suggested weather

Other Information

Please post event screenshots in the #screenshots channel.
Voice channel highly recommended even if you can’t speak. We tend to have a lot of fun in voice :wink: We also announce breaks and additional info in voice chat and we help you with flying techniques if you have questions.

FSB Discord
Flight Plan

Pitts_in_Peru.pln (26.4 KB)

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I’ll be there :wink:

ps. expect some terrible landing/takeoff from me :joy:

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Same from me. It’s all about having fun! PC & Xbox users all welcome!

This will definitely be a fun event!!!

Next time for sure !
Let’s do some aerobatic tricks