Pixel clouds?

Sim is wonderful but I still don’t figure out why cloud Seems grainy and pixel even with ultra settings.




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Artifact of the volumetric generation process. Also seen in other software. Appears to vary in intensity depending on light angle, time etc. Not apparent at all on occasions.

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Performance reasons I think. X-Enviro had the same issue in X-Plane with their volumetric clouds. Making them sharper would impact performance a lot.

Moire eeffect

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Here is a paper about rendering volumetric clouds

Scroll down to section (page 38) about using blue noise to enable the use of longer step-lengths to increase performance.


Everytime when I fly it’s noticable… it look very bad…
Hope we will get some solution of this in upcoming updates.

i add transparency multisampling in antialiasing settings, but choice enja airport and was freezing cockpit, then i couldn’t recognize problem :slight_smile: then after close simulator, i open flight in gibraltar, but there was almost clear, so no lucky :slight_smile: both times no ctd btw :slight_smile:
off topic question, is it possible to froze the glass when +2*c?, i flew sr22…

Yeah, that needs a little work. I noticed that too.

If You own Geforce GPU make sure in global settings you have opt out called “Image sharpening” - turn OFF. Works in mine situation

Doesn’t always seem to be visible, but I’d rather have a few pixels than billboards.

Yeah, looks like a moss carpet.

Cool. Will try it out.

I see what you did there. Trying to get to that 10 char limit. :grin:

People need to set it to: Let the 3D application decide, do not use any setting from Nvidia, this can add unwanted lower performance, blurry texture and so on, will overwriting all MSFS graphic setting in option.


Interestin I will give this a try in the morning. Been setting mine to quality for use preference emphasizing. Hopefully this will help thank u for sharing :pray: