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Hi, how to navigate a plane (Concorde and others) that does not have a display panel? (Garmin) I really like the Concorde but I’m afraid to buy it. Well thank you.

what you mean with “manage” ? :relaxed:

Its just like old school navigation, similar to the DC-6 , etc… it’s Navigation with VOR etc.

example flight (german) of a DC-6 with VOR

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Concorde had an INS, actually 3 of them independantly, where they typed in coordinates and the HSI and autopilot were coupled to it.

But other aircraft can use radio navigation over land, google and read about VOR and ADF. It‘s simple to understand vut a lot to write ^^


Dead reckoning is the real old school navigation. If you know your current position, then if you go to x compass direction for x amount of time at x speed then you can keep your position current. Works easiest with visual reference (e.g. head west for half an hour and you will arrive at a lake) so you don’t need to worry about correcting for drift due to wind that much.

The second is radio navigation. You have ADF (tuning to frequency of NDB stations) which is a relatively simple long range radio compass/direction finder. Shorter range VHF nav radio (tuning to VOR stations) is more useful as it allows you to define a course on the course deviation indicator (CDI) or horizontal situation indicator (HSI, a combination instrument of gyro compass and CDI) that you want to fly along to/from the station.


If you want to learn non gps navigation then Concorde is probably not the best place to start that process. Better off learning the basics in something that operates much much lower and slower, like a lower speed GA aircraft.

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