Planes rise and fall throughout flight

Every plane, stock or mod, keeps rising and falling in cruise the whole flight…its only from external view…weather is off and alt hold and VS is holding steady in the cockpit…but from external view the planes are bobbing up and down the whole flight…its extremely annoying.

Aircraft are constantly moving around in flight. You have the aircraft and the drone, separate vehicles, so the effect you see is likely relative motion. This will also happen with the outside camera.

IMHO, this is completely normal. However, others may chime in.


Is there a way to get a steady view from outside?

I always attributed it to the normal air buffetting effect and not unnatural.

If you open the camera settings from the top menu and go to the showcase tab, the fixed views at the bottom will remain fixed relative to the aircraft. Being fixed, that does mean it doesn’t allow any camera movement to look around either.

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