Plans for per aircraft control setups

I looked in the dev section and didn’t see anything on this. Are there plans to add per aircraft control setups?

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You know that you can create profiles for each controller you´re using?!
I have one rudder pedals profile for all aircrafts, same for my stick. But my throttle lever got different profiles for each type of aircraft.


Already there from the beginning. Name a new setup, then enter control settings for that setup and also (very important) the Sensitivity settings, which can be very different for each aircraft.

When you change planes, don’t forget to go to Options, Controls and change to the proper setup for the aircraft before flying.


Thanks. I found the manage presets button. duh!


Having different profiles which you then need to manually select when you change aircraft is a pretty janky way to do it. These should be dynamically linked to the aircraft and change automatically.

Until it does this is would be incorrect to say that this feature already exists.

That there is a profile for each connected peripheral (including mouse and keys) just makes the whole experience even jankier.


This is such an obvious and simple to implement feature I am frankly surprised it’s not there yet.
All you need is to set a profile to be the default one for aircraft X, Y, and Z. Then when the aircraft loads it should automatically change (if there is a default profile for that aircraft).


FSUIPC (payware utility) can do this. I find It’s about the most useful feature of this software. You can setup profiles for either a specific aircraft or categories of aircraft and those profiles can include whatever combination of controllers you wish. It will automatically load the allocated profile for the specific aircraft you are flying.

It takes a bit of setting up. The user interface isn’t as polished as MSFS built-in controller configuration but once you’ve setup one profile it’s not too bad to use.

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