Playstation cameras for tracking?

I’ve seen a few tracking solutions based on the old ps3 eyetoy camera.

My question is, can the ps4 camera be used instead?

I have the free Sony usb adapter, and have found some drivers online, but in windows cam program it shows both a left, right and mixed (depth) image. How can you isolate a single image to use it in something like aitrack?

As it is, aitrack lets you select the camera, but it’s not even an image at all, just a garbled mess that looks like an interference pattern.

Before I went vr I used a ps2 camera from ebay and modified it. It was pretty easy, just took some time. I tried open track that used just your head, but it wasn’t that great
I then bought a delanclip and attached it the side of a cheap 360 chat headset, or cheap headphones. I was very happy with the result.
I don’t think the ps4 ones have the ir capabilities. If you do go with the ps2 eye make sure to get the right one. There are sites and videos that describe it all.
I’d say we’ll worth it.