Playtime gone missing [Packages out of date]

Newest build
(Which is the only possible build, due to forced update policy?!)

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@Jummivana Hi, I was flying in Austria near Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden in a glider DG808S when I got the packages out of date message, I have the server set to Automatic, however, it always goes for the North Europe server. My Graphic settings were changed, however, the rest of my settings were unchanged. My logbook was deleted and I have lost 85 hours of flight time and data. MSFS 2020 Ver Updated from MS Store

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Same here…I got a message in flight that my liveries was out of date. Clicking it down and dismiss the flight. Now my logbook is completely wiped. 0 hours. Next level 300 hours is all it says.
This isnt a minor bug if you ask me. It is a showstopper for a game like this.
Unforgivable bug if you ask me.
They need to stop focusing on the world updates that are mostly fo commercial for future xbox player and address issues like this. Its my opinon.

Thanks for the info! I don’t have much more to say at the moment as the team investigates but if they have any further questions to help with this issue I’ll reach out here and ask. Appreciate the help!


When the bug happened this afternoon I was in 1.14.5 (I was doing a short flight), after the bug I got an update and now I’m in 1.14.6

After the warn message (18:30h CEST) appeared and after restart the sim, I got stuck into the start screen into a loop.
After close the sim (Alt+F4), and start it again, I was prompted about the “Accesibility menu” (the one about the scale of the UI of the game), and then I was promped about the License terms (like if it were a new instalation) and then the langage changed from Spanish to English.
I restarted the sim again and then a notification about the new 1.14.6 version was notified to me (19-19:30h CEST).
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I do appreciate the information conveyed through you, but I also find it a bit vague. For those of us, who rely on real weather and other online features, this is a real problem, as the software is not usable any longer. Aside from the fact, that many lost their hundreds of hours of logbook entries, there should be a bit more information… more transparency regarding this issue. Is this a technical issue? Do they know ANYTHING - the possible cause, a workaround for the time being? Is there a way to at least get real weather into the sim?


For me this happened in a flight. I closed down the flight and closed the game down. The only thing odd other then logbook that I found was that 3 airports in Alaska were marked as not updated. They were not there the day before.

Good catch Dalmako! I did not get chance to spot that, as it was done while I was flying lol :¬)

So, my folders have been reset to 25th December 2020.

My achievements are still there, flying upside down height, flying upside down distance, total distance flown, total distance taxiied etc.
The diamond does say “next is 100 hours” in the basic logbook section, but that is because the total hours flown is still there.
Everything else appears to be missing.
There are only a couple of files that show the correct accessed date and time, the rest are reset.

Lost over 200 h too…:frowning: This is really a bug that will make me quit this if not solved…

Seemed to be a forced update that went bad, yes…

Real weather was working fine after the updates went through on my system at around 16:00 EDT.
I had the correct cloud cover in Jacksonville before I set off for Atlanta, and displayed as it appeared on a rain radar weather site I was using to check it against.
It looped again demanding a login just as I was about to taxi.
I then found my hours were reset. At that point I gave up for the night lol.
I mean, it’s not like we need the logbook, it’s just cosmetic, no one awards points or prizes for entries in there :¬)

Dont forget to vote for this post. If not solved, more people will get affected and the game will surely loose momentum…

And then they’ll cancel it and we’ll be done with this nightmare…Hmmmm good idea Im starting to think…But Im still gonna give them a couple of more weeks for the new Azure Data Center to get finished, then if things dont start getting better, Im thinking Im pretty much done, I’ll go waste another $60 on the next failed project… at least I still have P3D…it’s never let me down…

Some actual NEWS would help. Suppose when this is solved, everyone will have their accounts back. No way the hours and log data was removed server side. Would be nice to know that for sure.

After I had updated the three files my hours were gone, language and other stuff resetted and that dreadful message about outdated packages kept ruining my attempts to fly. Whenever I chose “no”, everything popped back into offline mode with no chance of going online again. The server selection was weird as well… western europe - granted, that’s where I am - but something was off. Especially looking at some of the pings… somewhere in the hundreds (100-200 ms). I had real weather TWICE today - but it didn’t last. I guess, I should go out irl… at least I won’t be bugged by that awful update request. meh. I can’t go back to P3D… I tried…

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I would rather store my logbook locally on my computer. In that way I can decide for myself the need of backup and such. For solutions that are completely out of my own control…well, they need to just get it to work or give the control back to the user to decide for cloudsolutions or not…


Theres a post here / one of the other threads that says your logbooks are stored on your computer as well, so maybe a way to recover them there. It really doesnt matter all that much to me or I think Id be fussing that I couldnt bring my pre-fs2020 logbooks with me…been flying since the beginning back in the 80’s Im sure I have thousands upon thousands of hours racked up on FS* and P3D lol

True but the logs are encoded. Would love to have a copy out (read option) in the sim. I don’t expect server side information is lost, actually. For me the issue is I want to fly now, but I can’t predict what the server will do. What I CAN do is check the server, if it is on line. Someone posted a link to Azure in the other topic,