Please add a default deadzone on Xbox One controllers

I usually use my Xbox controller when i want to use my camera and i always have it plugged in, so every time when i shut off my computer my controllers sensitivity resets. How is this a problem you might ask, you need to have at least 5%dead zone on the left stick and if you don’t and the plane is on autopilot its gonna bank to the right or left, super frustrating that’s why i want a default 5% dead zone so that when it doesn’t save it i have to enter it again, and again.

if this is posted in the wrong place, sorry and if there is already a post about this, sorry i couldn’t find it in the search.

i know I didn’t use the format you guys wanted, but I couldn’t find a way to do it, while also having [the post] make sense.

Do you actually use the controller to control the plane if not id just un-assign any command to do with flying from the controller.

YES!!! THIS!!!

Or alternatively, fix the AP bug which requires the deadzone workaround.

Plus: Fix the bug which makes Xbox controller sensitivity settings reset each time (?) the game is loaded.