Please add Bing Map Coordinates search to World Map menu

I hope Microsoft adds the power of Bing Maps coordinates and address search to the World Map menu someday.

For now, I gotta search an address in Bing Maps, then I copy/paste the coordinates at the bottom of the left window. Then I can straight-up paste those coords into the Search field of FS2020’s World Map search and there we go… I can now visit my house, where I work or specific places in mid-air around the world.

Here’s a few I recommend you visit:

Pyramid of Giza, Egypt
29.97934, 31.14146

Random Place in Tokyo City
35.708687, 139.81041

Downtown Toronto, Canada
43.644912, -79.385536

Smack in the middle of Manila Philippines
14.582259, 120.9748


Not sure why some people around here are that obsessed with needing coordinates for visiting stuff. Simply take off with a plane at the nearest airfield and fly there. Visit accomplished!

If you don’t know where to fly, return to your paper or digital map and determine the heading (and optionally the distance) you have to fly from that airfield to your desired destination. Then fly there and enjoy the wonder of navigating an aircraft. At least that is what a flight simulator offers you to enjoy. Will you?

I think the ask if for functionality which makes sense and should be easily doable from a programming perspective. Even if searching for that specific location and then finding a nearby field to start from.

Please see the topic in #self-service:wishlist here:
Thank you.