Please add properly labelled frequencies in the Garmin panels

It’s already possible in the G1000 and some other Garmin variants to pull up a list of the various frequencies used at each airport for things like ATIS, Tower, Ground etc. The problem is that they are all labelled the same, with the name of the airport, like this:

TOKYO 119.10
TOKYO 128.80
TOKYO 126.00
TOKYO 118.22
TOKYO 118.10

In a real Garmin they appear in a list like this:

Approach 119.10
ATIS 128.80
Departure 126.00
Ground 118.22
Tower 118.10

We can then select these and click the ENT button to put the frequency into COM1 automatically. This functionality already works but is nearly useless when we don’t know which frequency relates to which service.

The game already knows what each frequency is for (because ATC says stuff like ‘Contact Approach on 119.10’) so can we please have them labelled correctly to aid with immersion. I would much rather find my frequencies from the Garmin manually than use the in-game UI panel that always feels fake and artificial.

Asobo have already done 99% of the work to have frequencies available in the Garmin and it’s all spoiled by this little oversight that could likely be fixed really quickly.

Many thanks.