Please add some static cars in city streets

Asobo please could you add static cars in the streets of the cities without photogrammetry?

I think it should not be very difficult, there is something strange in flying over a city and not seeing cars stopped in the streets or next to the buildings.

Thank you very much in advance.

My opinion,

more static objects, low FPS for my flight.

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If you look closely you’ll see some of them are there, the problem is that after the last bing maps update a few months back, things seem to have gotten buried. Trains sitting in a rail yard, they’re there but they are buried into the ground and the most you see of them is the tops, Hell Cleveland Browns stadium ( and alot of other stadiums as well) have been buried and turned into what looks more like an ampitheater then a stadium. Before the update of Bing maps data things were alot better.

Maybe a static objects density slider, for those whose systems can handle the additional load.

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