Please be open - is anybody working on weather issue, or should we rather wait for the Christmas vacation end next week?

The Asobo/Microsoft dev team is extremely open and communicative during the dev streams. I really appreciate this, this is unique in the industry.

Could you, please, continue this practice also for the communication on the forums?

As I’m from Europe, working for IT corporation, I know that there is a common practice of asking the employees to consume the remaining vacation days from the passing year around Christmas and New Year. I’m “consuming” my vacation right now as well, my company “asked” me to do it in very persuasive way.
So I guess most (if not all) Asobo/MeteoBlue employees are on vaction now as well, especially during the weekend.

@Hester40MT (a Moderator) posted:
The team is aware of reports that Live Weather is not working correctly. We are currently investigating and will post an update as soon as we have more information.”

Could you, please, confirm if anybody is actually working at the issue (“investigating” as mentioned in the post)?

If this is not the case and the team will only start looking at the issue the next week, an honest message would allow us adapting our plans - your post gives some hope that the issue might be fixed today - so I wonder if I should still plan some hours of flying today evening or if I should rather plan for some other activity.

There is nothing wrong in being on vacation, anybody who red the licence conditions for MFS2020 knows that MS is not offering 7/24 availability.
But it would be nice if you communicate with your customers in an open way.

Last year there was also Christmas-New Year issue with giant obelisks rising all over the place. It wasn’t fixed quickly, but fortunately some clever community members offered workarounds. With weather it looks like server-side issue, so this time probably nobody oustide MS/Asobo will be able to fix this.


This is no secret and sincerely i think most of us are fed up with seing the same topics all over again !!
Asobo said CLEARLY…See you after holidays

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use REX Weather Force and you have live weather always until MSFS problem is solved


why should he spend more money on something he already bought…


Moreover they delete all posts with any kind of critics. It’s just ridiculous…


The MS/Asobo team is aware of the issues and the appropriate people are taking a look at what is happening and why


Because it is indefinitely, maybe the only solution. :joy: :cry:

@RomansWorld1180 there is a different between criticism and constructive criticism. Criticism without any feedback or whatsoever helps nobody as the devs can’t get information as of WHAT is wrong from that. It also brings a very negative atmosphere to the forum. Moreover, they usually end up in a slugfest because both sides start to argue, which often leads to a breach of the CoC and SOP. And at that point we (moderators) have to intervene, which unfortunately often means closing a thread. The actions of few affect the many


Thank you for the honest answer.
I appreciate you devote your weekend time to investigate. As I understand, they don’t yet located the root cause (probably not easy today to contact with the experts from all the partner companies, the MFS2020 ecosystem is really complex). And if no root cause is identified, it is understandable you can’t provide an ETA for the solution.
So it’s probably better to wait a couple of days and enjoy some other activities in the meantime.


Live weather doesn’t always have to be used to enjoy and go flying in the sim. I don’t get why some act like they can’t actually still use it with their own set weather, give me a break. Must be the “I want it now” culture… flame away.


I think we are all frustrated not only because the weather is not working at all at present, but also because since the latest update the weather has degenerated a lot in quality and visuals. I myself I would like to know if the other issues with the weather system will be resolved at some stage, so we can go back to have what we had before SU7, which at least for me was the best ever seen simulated weather in a game. Or, if the introduction of METAR in this update means that it will be just different, then we would like to know this rather than waiting and hoping. So please see our worries too.
Thank you


Yes I want what I paid for, a working sim which includes live weather, live weather is part & parcel of live flying.
Yes I understand the concept of you cant always get what you want & I want it now etc., but you should get what you pay for, I don’t expect anything less, if so I will be justifably critical, not constructively critical, just plain critical.


And the live weather issue appears to correlate with new CTDs numerous people are reporting since yesterday.


Because it’s an advertised feature of the game that is constantly breaking, frustration from users is to be expected when they’ve paid for a service they want to use but can’t because it’s down…again!


My comment is more that we get to read 50 threads on the same subject while they had put out a statement yesterday about it. My guess is they are still on vacation until tomorrow.

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As there’s many topics on this, closing this one. A notice will be posted about the Live Weather when the team hears more information about it.

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