Please bring a Huey UH-1... Thanks!

Please bring a Huey UH-1 Helicopter… Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there,
At the time this Wishlist topic was created, there was no voting in the forums. When voting was introduced, it became important to only have one topic per request, and only one request per topic in order to ensure that people’s votes didn’t get split, and to make merging easier.
Therefore, I have made this post only about the Huey UH-1. If you would like, you can make other Wishlist topics for other helicopters you would like to see in the sim in the future.

Helicopter SDK support

Now that it has been about one year since the release of MSFS, I have started to plan for the upcoming year. I purchased Flyinside’s Bell 47G to review and prepare myself to fly one of the two high fidelity addons left on my most desired list - The MilViz UH-1 Huey.

So far, I am very thankful that most of my most desired “high fidelity” addons in MSFS have already been released. I don’t consider an addon “high fidelity” without an equally stunning audio experience specific to the aircraft, such as and in my opinion:

  • FlybyWire A32nx (superb audio experience)
  • MilViz FG-1D Corsiar (Classic R2800 sound)
  • FlyingIron Spitfire Mk IX (Classic Merlin sound - I’m also still waiting on a “high fidelity” P-51D)
  • FlyingIron P-38L Lightning (Unique Allison sound)
  • FlyInside Bell 47G (Classic Bell 47 sound)

At this stage in MSFS’ development, it is the sound and experience of the Bell UH-1 Huey that I desire most now. The UH-1 is the one addon I always intend to purchase in any flight simulation platform I use. The DCS model does look a lot better than the MilViz FSX/P3D version. However, I’m fairly confident that if MilViz decides to develop the UH-1 for MSFS it will look fantastic and will also have a very good flight model.

I would have expressed my vote/desire directly to MilViz, but their forum requires me to email someone before being granted access.

Funny you should say Huey…


Hey guys! Check out these WIP pictures of our Huey UH-1H that we’re developing! :eyes: :v: