Please consider selling Premium Deluxe planes individually

As the title say.
I’d buy the C172 Classic immediately, not interested in the rest of the content of the deluxe and premium deluxe packages

The price will be almost the same as upgrading.
No sense

Why would that be? Selling one plane for 15 to 20 USD would be a lot less than >100 USD for the whole deluxe package.

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yes good idea.


If it was a “Good Idea” to Microsoft, they would do that.

As they don’t do that, one has to assume that Microsoft decided that this was NOT the way they wanted to market additional Microsoft Planes, in addition to the base package.

Personally, I can understand this from both a marketing View, a Technical View, and a sales Logistic view, so I very much doubt if the current Base, Premium, Deluxe marketing will change.

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And this is why it is in the wishlist section, nobody is pointing a knife to Microsoft forcing them to sell these planes individually.

I wanted the steam 172 so I bought the upgrade!

I don’t know why you want to pay extra for something that doesn’t work.

I paid more money for the Premium Deluxe because I wanted to fly the 787.

Almost four months later, it has so many bugs that it is not usable.

MSFS shame on you!

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The planes are garbage anyway, especially the 787, which is DRM locked as well, so they can’t mod it like the 320. It’s a ripoff in my opinion. I regret spending the money.


Same here … I don’t even have any of the other non-base planes loaded now…

Let me get this right, did you buy the upgrade from standard to premium only for the C172 with steam gauges? Nearly 100 USD for one plane?

NO, I bought it for ALL the planes and the additional airports, but so far I have only installed the c172 classic… because if that is not correct (which it is not), there is little hope for the more advanced planes, until they are upgraded and fixed.

Either by Asobo, but more likely by groups of very talented and dedicated Modders (like the Fly_by_wire Group)

I also did not rush out and buy the most expensive gaming machine I could get, with the state of the art new parts, as they will quickly no longer be “State of the Art”, way before MSFS is updated to function to a point where it justifies $4000-$5000 of PC to run it on.

The planes are great anyway, especially the 172, which I don’t wan,t modding.
It’s good value for money in my opinion. I am happy I spent the money.

I upgraded to the PM Deluxe to support Asobo.The 172 six pack version is one of the best parts of this package. You get more six pack aircraft which I prefer over the G1000.Overall imo it offers better planes suited for training/GA flying.Otherwise you can just for wait for 3rd party addons to land.

Don’t believe anything I write!


— Of course you want to MOD it !!!
The GNS530 Mod will make it a new Aircraft, and the LIGHT Mod will enable you to taxi at night.
The KAP140 Mod will give you a working AP…

Then you will have a decent C172 Classic

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Upgrade from standard is 42€.
Too cheap to buy single planes

I see 79.99 EUR here

You can buy it outside the store

Now this is interesting, care to share some more information? I think many would be interested to know more.
Unless of course you’re referring to some not-so-legal method, in that case no thank you.

If you get the plane files will it work?
As per my opinion and how they are done, you can maybe put it to community folder and voila