Please Devs read this quick note

Please stop giving us world updates as much as i love them,…But please fix the bugs in the aircraft we have as well as ATC telling me to desend to 3000ft on finale then telling me to climb to 7000ft afterwards wtf…

World updates at a later date please

When will people get it through their head that world updates aren’t developed by the programmers that work on the core simulation and features like the ATC?

Scenery designers and artists won’t sit on their rear or suddenly turn into programmers and engineers because you want something else first.

We already had this discussion ad nauseam.


Well im sorry i cant keep up with 100 topics a day in this thread…Im just upset at the state of this game paying over £100 for it in this mess

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Being “just upset” is not an excuse for clogging the general discussion forums with threads that don’t make sense, especially when there’s the Zendesk and a dedicated bug forum to discuss bugs.

I love World updates :slight_smile:
Also I think their strategy to update the world and the sim on a regular basis is perfect. They also mentionned random hotfix updates for critical issues which prevent players to have a decent experience.
How could you ask more than that, just be patient.

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