Please explain the ETE for the NAVLOG in bushtrips

Could someone explain the ETE in the navlog during the bushtrips. I cant seem to match up the estimated time en route to any real flying time. My recent leg showed a distance of 31.41NM and ETE of 14’54". The flight took almost 45 minutes, and I wasnt off course sight seeing :slight_smile: Each POI has its own ETE and it would be helpful if I could figure out the actual estimate flight time.

Thanks you.

I’ve made the mistake of looking at the “next leg” line that shows before you continue the bush trip thinking that describes the entire next leg, but it’s really just from takeoff to the first POI.

The leg you described would be an average of 40 knots for the leg, (31.4nmi/.75 hr) so either the time or distance is likely wrong.

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I’ve completed all three. There are a couple overall eta’s that are wrong but I don’t recall any leg eta being off too badly. Don’t expect to get exact eta’s. Maintain the a/c’s recommended cruise speed and try to start your timer as close to the described spot as best you can and use the descriptions to locate poi.
A lot of people tend to cruise as fast as they can and that throws the eta’s off. beendaredunedat :wink:

I did enjoy them all.

Thanks for the responses. I just completed my first bushtrip and really enjoyed it. The next one wont have the GPS, so I hope to get the timing right. I will have to pay more attention to flight speed and timer. Great to have a community that provides constructive feedback. Thanks again.