Please Fix Photogrammetry and/or LOD

Since SU5 flying low and slow over cities like london, i can see the terrain slowly updating before me, each time it updates more detail is added. This didn’t happen prior to SU5. So this is so xbox users can run the game well? What about us pc users with good computer systems? OK i am getting atleast 10 fps more now but its not worth it at this price, i was happier with the 30 fps i was getting before without this issue. The way the terrain loads now is immersion breaking and makes flying over london for example rubbish.

Add a terrain loading graphics slider asobo so us pc gamers can make full use of our hardware. Many of us have spent a lot money on high spec systems just for this game, at the moment we could have just bought an xbox and have the same experience. I don’t want to game on an xbox.


Have you been away from the forums for a while? This has all been discussed thousands of times.

They’re adding a LOD slider in next week’s update that pre-caches terrain


I’m new to the forums and was only aware there was discussion on a LOD slider (I haven’t read all 700+ posts ITT), didn’t realize its actually a definite for the next update. Great news, hope it does the trick.

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If you want to know what Asobo is doing, there is “news & announcement” section here where you they tell us.

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Per @gordongreig my original bug in this thread (initial post) may have finally been improved upon!

Would love anyone’s else’s thoughts from other big Photogrammetry cities – “LOD draw distance has been increased for photogrammetry cities” with World Update 6.

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For me, there’s nothing like “massive PG draw radius” in Still terrible Photogrammetry draw distance radius (see the bridge :smiley: ) :

Screenshots were taken at ultra settings (Terrain LoD 200) with sufficient bandwidth and sufficient server bandwidth (hovered there for minute in slew mode so everything loaded even though many people are updating sim). I also convinced if my game is not in fake ultra settings.

Here’s what I see just spawning at JFK which is already an improvement as prior to WU6, NYC skyline would be half rendered or not even show up at all from the airport.

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@Orishek you’re right, sadly. Photogrammetry in NYC is no better, even on ULTRA and even using pre-caching terrain as ULTRA.

Asobo, please figure this out. This is just ugly.

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I’ve just flown into Vancouver Int. and the photogrammetry is still like melted triangles from about 15 miles away, I can’t see an improvement but fingers crossed I’m hoping this is something to do with the servers being overloaded

Very likely but also once you get into the higher LODs quality is very much dependant on internet quality itself and is also limited by the output of Microsoft’s servers which can vary. 100Mbps is quite possible for those living near the server base but all those with gigabit connections etc. are just wasting their money. The sim’s high-end specs recommend 50Mbps so if that’s all you can get delivered then you can hardly call it a bug.

After the 6 update flying over London for example is still the same (sigh), with melted buildings that slowly become more life like the closer you fly as each graphics tile is slowly updated. My internet speed is good enough and i have settings on ultra. Wasn’t like this prior to SU5. Disappointed.


This issue is not related to bandwidth. It’s about draw distance, which is set extremely low by default and currently can’t be properly increased.

If players have low connection speed, loading circle is displayed and also error window will display, which is not the case.

My screenshots were also taken after hovering with active pause for minutes (to avoid potential server issue because of update roll)

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Same here. While some photogrammetry cities (e.g. San Francisco) look gorgeous after WU6, London remains plainly ugly. There must be something wrong with it, basically, and I hope Jörg will realize his intention to rebuild it from the ground up.

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Im having major issues since world update 5 when Photogram is on all i see is rock, spikey rocks and rocky pyramids. Tried fresh install, turning every setting down and up, clearing cache’s nothing works, to use the sim i need to turn Photogram off which is so disappointing

im running a Ryzen 5 3600x, RTX 3070, 32GB Ram & LAN speed at 800-850mbps

Anyone any ideas?

At what airport is screen taken? So we can compare with our sim

Thats London City airport, sat on the runway for 20mins no improvement… but it happens everywhere with Photogram on its so bad, like i say never had the issue before sim update 5

for ref this is the same shot with Photogram off

i have the same problem,this has happened since su3 i have a good internet connection,london looks a melted mess,when su3 was released there was a lot of ppl having the same issues,you dont seem to hear to much about ity now,are these ppl still getting melted buildings or have the fixed it,if so can you share


I have also tried PG from EGLC and I can confirm issue is not on your side. Draw distance of Photogrammetry is terrible.

I flew a little with drone in MSFS and honestly, scenery further than 1 mile around plane is worse than in FS2002. I have no idea who can say “PG radius is great”:


All screenshots were taken on ULTRA settings (Terrain LOD 2.0, 200), with perfect bandwidth,…

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It probably helps if your not zooming in to the distance


Exactly, that’s a whole new topic of its own though…