Please fix the Cessna Longitude's short range

I’m adding this again for voting, because “Cessna Longitude Performance Issues” is listed in the 24 September update as “Improved in Patch 2”, but what was actually “improved” isn’t apparent since the range is still at least 1/4 what it should be. Fuel capacity is about a third what it should be, while fuel burn is double.

I wish Asobo would actually specify what they improved, since there are multiple bugs listed with various aircraft.

+1 from me. The plane seems to drink twice the fuel it’s supposed to.

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+1 from me too, I really like the Longitude. This list by OliveBeast20441 is the most complete I’ve seen about what could be improved with it:


Thank you. That’s a very comprehensive list!

Gonna take them days to write a new development update and showing the know issues and release a next patch with little fixes… starting to loose hope they will fix it anytime soon. Nice money grab it’s starting to become. Unlock the files so the community can do the job…

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Asobo for the win! :+1:t2: They have done a marvellous job with this sim!

found the bot.

That Thank You was on Sept 29, We had two updates since then and the Longitude still has a fuel problem. This premium aircraft flies 600 to 800 hundred miles, not to good for an aircraft with a range of over 3000.
Their are thousands of Virtual Airline pilots all over the world that are waiting for the fuel problem to be fixed. We can’t add fuel on the fly because ACARS will record it and are flight will not be counted or credited to our account.

PLEASE address the problem.

Dennis Volz
Nov 1

Ive paid all of that money so i could fly the Cessna Longitude, and im really disappointed with the range. I understand mistakes do happen but not getting something like this fixed which is a “Premium Content” which people have paid so much money for till this time in my opinion is not acceptable.

Im currently playing Onair Company, and ive bought the Cessna Longitude with long range expectations but its no where close to my expectations.

Really sad…

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Not only does the Longitude have about a 600 mile range the panel freezes about 32000 feet. Nothing works on the panel but you can still fly the aircraft. I fly with Elite Air Taxi Virtual so I gave up and went back to FSX and X-Plane.
My opinion is that Microsoft designed this sim for NEW sim pilots. That’s why most of the aircraft are what I call “fly around the block” aircraft totally useless for virtual airline pilots.
Microsoft came up with a great looking world and aircraft that are just plain ■■■■. Just look at all the aircraft panels then compare them to the CJ4 panel. The panel is unreadable even on a 55in monitor.
Its going to take third party aircraft to fix the problem for us.
I purchased the Coronado Cessna 182T for $39.95 just to see what a third party aircraft would fly like. Its great inside and out and flies like a dream. Thank you Coronado.


Asobo, thanks for fixing the oscillation (roll) in the Longitude when above 29-30K feet with this latest update on 11/24/2020. Please correct the fuel burn on this plane. The Longitude should have a range around 3500 nm. Currently we a lucky to get 1000nm if that.


you have my vote!!! the longitude range is NOT EVEN CLOSE. how could this bug not yet be corrected?!!!

Yesterday, first of December and the Fuel issue is still not fixed, the AP is still broken after FL300… ASOBO what are you doing ? It’s a Premium Deluxe Plane at 120€ !! Please make something, anything… !!

Sorry, I’m just a simmer like you. I was just thanking you for agreeing with me that it needed fixing! I don’t work for ASOBO. LOL.