Please for the love of all Asobo, fix this sims performance!

C’mon guys seriously…every update I’m having to tweak my settings and degrade the look of this simulator.

So for an example, I’m now flying over Seattle after this latest World update, I have the same airports installed and i’m flying the same routes and i’m now back to 22fps from 35!!!

It took me ages to tweak settings to get it back to a level that was acceptable after it had been running smoothly at 35+ minimum. Honestly I am losing the will to load it up…I don’t want to have to be downgrading my settings after every update, my PC had it running fine. At this rate it will be Commodore Amiga by 2023!

Please, please and pretty please look into these performance issues. KLAX today was unflyable at 10 fps with no traffic and using the default Asobo airport and an Asobo plane. Seattle was struggling. These are places I have flown in the past on higher settings and had better performance!

C’mon now!


it was my dream to own one… my KC85 was not able to drive a FlightSim with 0.01fps :grin:


Wait 2 months with pain until SU10, and pray for this to be fixed. That´s the situation right now.

Meanwhile I would recommend you to disable buildings photogrametry as they are one of the main reasons for this performance because they are now linked to terrain viedistance.


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Performance unfortunately is subjective and what works for one typically doesn’t work for another. If you’re experiencing issues it may be that it’s not your turn to have a solid FPS experience.

Hate to sound like a realist but that’s the reality today and for the next few releases.

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After SU9 overall performance was reduced by an average of 10 fps in most systems. They unbalanced CPU and GPU usage with the update. It was much better before.



but we should aware of :

Yeah, SU9 was the first downturn in performance I saw since SU4. Performance had been improving since SU5. With the SU7 hotfix in early January, I had the best and most stable sim performance ever. Absolutely awesome.

And then came SU9 to rob me of performance and add a bunch of instability. So much for 2 updates being dedicated to bugs and stability…


Arghhh didnt realise that!

I’m curious how many users still know this box :joy: :rofl: :joy:


I guess you forgot to add conditions at LAX are absolute soup and that might be part of it?


for a while, I owned also a used Robotron A 5120 … oh man… that was a time… you could see , hear and smell what the pc does :rofl:


Yeap, that the second leg of the performance issues… With clouds set to ultra you lose another 10fps in cloudy weather. So far I have to stick to clouds on high and buildings photogrametry off to be able to at least land near 35 fps on international airports.

I think one of the performance problems was that CPU usage has been reduced a lot after SU9 and remains like that even today. As CPU is the one taking the heaviest load related to scenery prior to SU9 it allowed you to have both high details and heavy scenery. Now CPU usage is ridiculously low (around 20% only even on multicore), so basically the GPU is being driving the most effort and yes, it´s being used to it´s full capacity, but without the help of CPU in such a dense simulation environment that´s a waste in plain words. Both CPU and GPU have to work to their best, as it was before SU9, where you could see CPU being used even up to 35%. That was not perfect for performance but still more optimal than now and allowed a balanced quality together with smoother fps.



All Ultra + 110 scaling, Terrain LOD 250 Object LOD 300

9900k @ 5ghz 3080 3 screen 5760x1080

Absolute worst on the ground at LAX is 21 FPS

Far better performance over NYC

Hope to run into you in the friendly skies!

Funnily enough, I can confirm that I have had a further 3-4 FPS loss on my standard test track since wu10. (VR) It now means -40% since switching to SU09. Not bad. 1-2 more updates and I can print a flip book with the single frames. :partying_face:


You can’t justify a performance degrade if you’re using any third party add ons. Third party are always behind the curve and realistically won’t spend weeks rewriting their code base on each iteration. They’ll more than likely patch a hot fix at the cost of performance and release an update in a few days.

From what I see using stock aircraft and a small sized scenery focused community folder the performance and stability has improved, yes FPS may be lower in certain scenarios but I’m getting no stutters and I’m in VR. I also think team MSFS test only using stock and that’s where the performance is gained.

If you are struggling with performance here’s a few tips what I’ve learned so far with MSFS.

  1. Use addons linker to only use the addons needed for your flight.
  2. Set your Nvidia control panel to “let the sim decide what settings” - don’t go messing with it, it’s just not worth it.
  3. Set your IPV6 network setting to disable
  4. Nothing should be ultra unless you’ve got an RTX 2080ti minimum and even then the max should be 3 or 4 settings at ultra.
  5. 4K only works with point 4.
  6. Calculate your PSU usage, especially if you have USB peripherals.
  7. Use the registry fix to set the number from 2 to 4 (I can’t remember what the code is but it’s on here somewhere).
  8. Third party aircraft sap frames, if you use one knock your settings down a notch - it’s the price we pay unfortunately.
  9. Switch off any FPS counter - not worth the hassle and brain ■■■■■!
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What VR and CPU are you using to achieve your “no stutters at all” experience?

I know addons can be the temptation to point to, but in this game I have learnt that usually they aren´t the guilty ones indeed, and I have a good collection of them. For example: I have only found two cases since game was released and up to end of 2021 of airports causing CTD by its design. They were the only real issues I had during 2 years with this game. One was LFER due to a config failure that I reported here in the forum and devoloper fixed months ago and the other was KLGA because it uses too high resolution textures, but this can be fixed by increasing your pagefile size. The rest I have never produce errors. They have better or worse quality but they work. However after each SU some start to present elevation errors, artifacts, etc. Developers need to patch them but as MS has the control of Marketplace the patch nornally comes weeks or months later to end users. But I have not seen a single case where devs patched the airport and they destroyed it if it was working well before. So most of the problems with addons are generated by game being changed, not by addons being incompatible (they were compatible before), and due to the long updating process the patch never comes in time and they are faulty for ages.

On the other hand I never had issues with game up to the end of 2021. As 2022 started I had CTDs, degraded performance, connectivity issues, etc. Basically as many users as well. With just the same HW setup how can you explain that? And last but not least if you now try to fly over an area which has not received a world update and where you have no addons you get exactly the same bad performance as when flying elsewhere. Indeed over the pacific ocean, where there´s almost nothing to render, you have the same one as over Los Angeles. Or if you load game without addons you can still have CTDs for instance. To me it´s clear that game core is the only guilty party here. It worked last year and it does not work now.



since the last update that was released on the day of the WU X I have had many problems with performance and it also happened since I updated the NVIDIA drivers and I don’t understand why they have to ruin it I think unfortunately I will have to turn off the MSFS and go back to P3D until they fix or make the bug worse this is very frustrating. I think it’s a way for people to upgrade a PC component or replace an entire PC. I find it very bad that they do that but I think it is normal in the world of the market (Commerce)


RTX2080ti, i9-9900k (not overclocked) and reverb G2

Yet another discussion about performance. Yippee! :tada: This is not getting old at all.

Note - This comment was in no offense to any of you, but rather expresses my dissatisfaction with MS Asobo for never really addressing any of these concerns.