Please give support to Flybywire. A32NX is our only hope

With the launch of the PMDG aircraft only in 2022 and the A350 of Sim4flight only in late 2021, our hope is that the boys at Flybywire will continue to work and improve the A32NX.

ASOBO please give support and support to these programmers.

These guys know what they are doing and work hard to give us the best experience possible on the A32NX.

With all due respect, the A32NX is the only interesting aircraft in the FS2020.

Before I forget, try the next updates before they are released so as not to disturb the work done on the A32NX.


FWIW, the Flybywire team have a potential fix for the AP problem on their Github page which explicitly says they’ve had input from Asobo on diagnosing the issue.


I’m glad to hear that, thank you.

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Looks like its tagged to go through extensive testing before being merged, but a shoutout to Asobo for helping with the fix.

Special thanks to Sebastian from Asobo for helping to diagnose the issue and come up with this temporary solution.


Your opinion, no it’s not my opinion…

If you’re only flying tubes then you’re missing a lot at lower levels and some pretty nice aircraft to use.

Good to see the continuing interface and dialogue between the core team and the community despite what some people would prefer to believe…


I have removed the reference to Asobo from the topic title as it violates the Code of Conduct.

For you, maybe.

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Love the A32nx. The guys there do a great job and when things are good, its a great aircraft. A big shout out to them. I just read that someone from Asobo has been helping them try and fix the current issue. A big thankyou to that guy from Asobo. On a different note, I notice someone mentioned potential release dates for payware add-ons of PMDG and Sim4Flight. I think I read somewhere where Quality Wings (787 and 757) might be releasing in the second quarter of 2021. But back to my main message - a BIG thankyou to FlyByWire and I think it is Sebastien? from Asobo for working on the current issue.


I load the 0.402 version. LNAV works much better than before. Thanks for this.
Connect with the TCA Quadrant the Engine start button does`nt work. In the version 0.401 was this working well.
Can anybody have a look for this?

I found this Airbus A320 guide over on Reddit. The original author’s name is at the top of the contents page.

I am new to the A32NX, have watched several videos and it is still not entirely clicking. So, I think I need to take the next step and follow the guide one line at a time until it sinks in.

If any one of you A320 pilots or experienced simmers could update the document above for the current A32NX then I would really appreciate it. Edit mode is turned on publicly. Only text updates need to be applied. I will update it with screen prints if you just put [screenprint] in the document.

If you already have a current document outlining all the steps to follow, throughout an entire flight, like the document above then please share it?

Maybe we could have Filbert update his video post here on the MSFS forum with this document; or your document, so everything is one place?

*** Edit: I just tried the link I provided and you will need to edit the document by “Open in Goodle Documents”.

using the latest experimental build of A32nx with a bravo throttle - read somewhere you now need to calibrate your throttle for everything to work ok - is this correct how do you do it…?

You can calibrate the levers using the onboard EFB (settings).

Also see this video:

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thanks for the reply and the video!
1)what does the range number do - tried changing it from the default 0.03 to 1.0 and 0.1 but found it made little limited difference?(what do you recommend for a bravo throttle?)
2)found the calibration (using a bravo throttle with the airbus pack) a bit glitchy - not sure if it was my system or the EFB - but when I had the EFB open would move the throttles and get no movement or laggy movement in the EFB bars and the throttles in the cockpit - making calibration difficult…
3)eventually got it to calibrate but found the option to save did not work (stayed greyed out) and also found even though I tried to calibrate the notches on my throttle to align with the notches in the cockpit throttle they were still off…?

If the save or apply option is greyed out, you have an overlapping in the settings. Check your deadzone setting in the EFB. It’s probably set to high, if this is happening.
I can’ t say much about the throttle controller you’re using though.

Thanks for the reply.
Where can I find the dead zone setting(did not see anything in the throttle config page?) and for the range value (0.03 by default) - for what reason would u need to change this?

The range is the deadzone. You set you lever to the according position and then set a range/deadzone. Normaly it should be in the 0.2 to 0.4 range.

I did find this A320 / A32NX check list & guide and it seems up to the task.

If you use it make sure that you log in and give him a Thanks! Time well spent on his part.


thanks - have now got it working for the non-reverse indents - but have since discovered the bravo throttle (with the A320 pack) - will not work with the FBW reversers (seems to be a hardware or driver limitation) - when I try to calibrate the full reverser on the throttle config tool the bar jumps to TOGA!(confirmed by some other owners)
the work around seems to be just assigning a button to the full reverser function!

That’s what I did (I don’t have reversers on my thrust levers).

Can’t you use the ‘toggle throttle reverse thrust’ command?
Then you can use the throttle to modulate reverse thrust.
By far the most realistic option IMO, and almost A320 like. (which is rather bad IRL)