Please give us back the option to change the sim rate for landing challenges and bush trips

Changing the sim rate no longer works in the landing challenges and bush trips. The sim rate change continues to work in normal flights.

Please give us back the option to change the sim rate for landing challenges and bush trips.

It’s insane that sim rate has been removed on bush trips! I created an account to second that this needs to be fixed. There’s over a 100 of bush trips and about 40 landing challenges on These can breathe a lot of life into the game, but only if you can speed through some of the more mundane sections. It’s extremely important on bush trips if you have to redo a section because of a plane crash, computer crash, or because you got lost. Also, it’s really important to slow down to look at and appreciate the scenery. The only thing thing that should have been changed is to get the stopwatch to sync up with the sim rate. Less important on landing challenges, but I like being able to speed that up too.


I voted for this.
The change was probably well-intentioned, to encourage people to put in the time to appreciate a bush trip.
As a developer of bush trips, though, I’m often making tweaks and re-flying segments to make sure I’m happy with them. I typically turn the sim rate up to 4x through the easy and/or unchanged parts. Having to go through segments of a 10-hour bush trip over and over again at 1x is really discouraging. I may set aside bush trip creation until I can speed up the process.
I’d be okay if it were a hidden setting, but I really think there should be a way to speed up bush trip flying.


I also want changing the sim rate in bush trips to be possible!! It’s really boring to fly and spend minutes over a see or a big lake with no special views around. Furthermore if e.g. the landing is unsuccessful and you need to restart a long-lasting leg the possibility to increase the sim rate would help the frustration in wasting much time only because of a small mistake that destroyed the whole leg.


Disagree with this, the landing challenge and bush trips are a gaming element with a score or some other qualification tied to them. Adjusting the simrate undermines that.

The arguments posted here note speeding through boring sections; if that is the case, the issue is with the bush flight not being interesting and perhaps better missions should be created.


I’m also of the opinion that speeding up a Bush Trip defeats the object of flying it in the first place.

The nice thing is that if you don’t want to change the sim rate, you just don’t have to do it - nothing is taken away from you. Those who want to change it for their specific reasons should also be able to do so - and that has been taken away from them!


Yes and Amen! Why limit people from being able to enjoy the sim at their own pace!?

Sadly, I will not be finishing the Nevada Bush trip till this is fixed as it will be just too much time to do without being able to forward through non-eventful or scenic areas…

Love the sim, but unless virtual pilots are getting real world rewards like CASH or something, why take the sim rate feature away? Goodness, I will miss doing the bush trips, but it is just not feasible to spend all the time required on some of them.

I am a software engineer as well, and someone once rebuffed me regarding a feature I was very proud of in my product and said, “well that is way over-engineered…” oh, to my embarrassment.

I hope the dev’s don’t think we are picking on them, but rather sharing real-world perspectives. I would not think their reasonings should tend toward restricting the market that can enjoy the product, but rather encourage and promote it’s use.

As we all must remember, myself especially - we all just need to keep it simple stupid (KISS).

Thanks for everyone’s weighing in on this! This is certainly a major issue.

Finally, for those who just want to argue about the fairness of getting achievements…
I don’t fly for any achievements awarded, just the pleasure of the experience.
If I adjust the sim rate and forfeit my award, so be it!
(Can you imagine flying Perfect Flight’s - Crossing the World bush trip without being able to increase the sim rate!?) Holy cow, it’d never happen! lol


I also write bush trips and need to re-fly legs quite often after making small changes. The accelerated time feature is so useful in this instance. I have reported via Zendesk and my ticket is now shown as ‘Solved’ so hopefully the devs are aware of the problem.


Wow - I didn’t realise that we ever could. That might explain some astoundingly high scores in some landing challenges. I am not of course perfect or an expert (on anything) but even with care and over 12000 hours of experience I usually only get 2/3 of max score - esp in bad weather ones. I was wondering how so many ppl get 99% or 100%. (Some may well be astoundingly good - and lucky - of course).


Fix sim rate speed change according to the various activity types



I was hopeful when I read the release notes but it is still not working :frowning:

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My bush trip progress messed up. I couldn’t see the legs to select anymore. I don’t want to fly 2 hours again but I could get back to where I was if I could change the simrate. I can’t even do it in dev mode.

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Endurance is a part of bush flying.

I don’t know how to vote for this, but I also want it back.

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The voting box is at the top of the thread.

Thank you so much, I just did! :slight_smile:

I don’t mind landing challenges. They have a short time span anyway and does not make much sense to mingle with sim rate for those but bush trips are a must. I just go on windowed mode, set the msfs window to half screen, trim the aircraft and do something else on the other half. That’s not how it should be

Yeah but failing a landing (on a bush trip) and having to redo the whole leg is really annoying. Im with you on landing challenges thou, but id make it so that changing sim rate would just cancel scoring.

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I only realised today that it was not possible to change the sim rate on bush trips anymore. That’s ridiculous. Give us the freedom to choose how we want to tackle them - if we could save mid-flight then fine, but without that ability and without the ability to change the sim rate, as others have said there are many cases in which it’s absolutely not fun or enjoyable