Please help me set up SimShaker for Aviators with my Buttkicker!

I followed this thread but it doesn’t provide a detailed step by step. Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. Installed SimConnect
  2. Installed SimShaker for Aviators Beta
  3. Opened SSA settng, but what should everything be set to?

There’s a red X under SimConnect status, and in the Service tab it will not let me selection Sound for Buttkicker.


have you restarted your PC since installing simconnect?

You won’t be able to select buttkicker until sound module is installed iirc, as that is required for transducers.

Ok thanks, I just purchased the module after testing it. Now just waiting to receive a key. I’ve already restarted my computer since installing simconnect.

Ok so I think I’m almost there if I’m not there already…

I bought and activated the Module and the test in there is going to my buttkicker.

In module settings I set it to the sound card my buttkicker is plugged into: Speakers (Realtek® Audio).

In SSA I can now select Sound (Buttkicker and similar devices) for Output, and the test vibe-motors is working with my buttkicker.

However, there’s still a red X under SimConnect Status in SSA. Is that a problem? I’ve already restarted my PC after installing SimConnect.

Also, when another user said I had to set the output in the tool tray to my Reverb G2…where is that exactly? The windows sound tray on the bottom right? Also, do I not need Voicemeeter anymore? The sound Module doesn’t seem to work if Voicemeet is using the sound card, so I assume not.

Voicemeeter is needed only for other games where you don’t have the option of using event based feedback and want to use the game audio to drive the shaker instead… for games that you can use physics based feedback it’s irrelevant.

Yes, for the Reverb assuming you have default settings when you power it on and start the WMR portal you should get a new audio output option when you click the speaker icon in the bottom right and click the drop down menu to show sources… normally it should switch over automatically but you can do it manually too.

Small note, a seemingly fairly common bug with the G2 which I get as well is that it always starts as realtek USB 2.0 headphones and won’t play audio despite all appearing to be correct and working. I have to leave the headset for a few minutes to warm up, disconnect the barrel connector (not the plug at the wall oddly) for a minimum of 30 seconds and then repower… now it will show up as realtek speakers rather than headphones and work as expected.

Regarding your red X, that means SSA is unable to communicate with the sim, so something went wrong there. Did you install all three files in order?


Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes, I installed them in that order. Maybe it has something to do with my MSFS2020 location? Not sure.

Shouldn’t matter, I don’t have mine in a default location.

Out of interest, try opening MSFS, go to general options, developers, enable developer mode… menu will appear on top of screen, go to Help, SDK installer - this will start the download of MSFS_SDK_Installler in your internet browser (about 1.5gb).

You can then turn developer mode back off and exit MSFS.

Once the file has downloaded run it, then restart. Ironically Microsoft will flag it as potentially unsafe even though it’s from them, so you need to dismiss the warnings to run it.

FYI when it’s working correctly SSA should automatically detect the game running and there should be no need to manually select it.

Ok I’ll try that in a bit. I already tried reinstalling the three SimConnect files but the install window pops up for a split second and disappears each time, so probably didn’t do anything since they’re already installed. Hopefully it didn’t mess things up more.

Just to be clear, I don’t need MSFS2020 to be running for the SimConnect status to be good, right? It should connect even without launching the game?

No it’ll only show a green tick when the game is running. Make sure you either manually start SSA or have it already in your system tray and then launch MSFS. It should autodetect simconnect and change to a green tick under that heading and will also automatically detect the aircraft category.

If you only have one monitor I recommend putting MSFS into window mode at a lower resolution so you can have SSA open while flying around - this will allow you to view the effects monitor and adjust effect strength to your liking while flying.

While tweaking I would recommend trying only one effect at a time so you can see exactly what it is doing and how it feels in isolation. With only one shaker channel also remember that less is sometimes more - if you try to get a single shaker to do every effect in the book you can “muddy the waters” somewhat.

Once you’re happy with your settings (note they are different for each aircraft type eg jet/piston/turboprop) you can go enjoy in fullscreen or VR and not look at SSA again.