Please insert Microsoft Flight Simulator game disk

Tonight I tried to start the sim and got the message to install game disk. I do not have a game disk. I bought the premium edition from Microsoft. I was a download. How do I get past this?

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There seems to be an outage that isnt updated on the xbox & playfab pages yet. The community managers are aware of the issue.

EDIT: The outage page is finally updated - took 30 min…


Same here, good to know that the problem isn’t at my end

Same issue. Not sure what’s happening but I’m not surprised. Look forward to the day it’s stable.

Glad I spent the last 30 min troubleshooting my system :slight_smile:

Ha me too hopefully its sorted soon

Was doing the same - going through zendesk articles, logging out and back in of apps and wondering why all my game licenses were not showing up.

Same, I really wanted to get in the air while there was still daylight locally.

Same here…even reset the MS Store because its not showing up there. Be nice if the game didnt generate a message thinking it was something my end. At least it didnt just CTD, so I suppose any message is better than none.

I had a CTD. The xbox server went down right in the middle of a flight. The xbox servers are down way too much.

I don’t have xbox. I have a digital version on a PC

Same here…here and there, my comp is suddenly freezing (still don’t know how to resolve the issue). it happened once, and was good to reinstall the whole thing, and it took like three days 24/7 to get it done. and this morning, now this “insert disc one”. “Glad” to see, i m not the only one concerned. I just saw myself good to go again through that reinstall nightmare. Since i m not the only one, anybody having a solution to solve this problem ? just wait a few hours ? reinstall ? Thanks. Phil

Is everyone having this problem or is it just xbox users? Is this a woldwide problem? It seems like there are not many inquiries about it. I hope whoever is in charge of fixing this is working late into the night.

Seems everyone is having this issue. Its PC and Xbox from what i’ve gathered in the discord.

Simply wait for the outage to resolve. Xbox Support

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Does this also affect users who bought the game via steam? I’ve been having so many issues with the Microsoft and Xbox apps that I’m considering re buying with steam.

Same. Too bad I only get a little time to play on it and spend half that time troubleshooting. Tonight’s a wash.


I’m Game Pass user.
Every time when I start game I get this issue;
“Please insert Microsoft Flight Simlator Game Disk”

Whats UP?!

Happening again right now!

I’m experiencing this too now. First discovered 9/12 still happening 9/13.