Please Join vatsim

Everyone has an accent, only worry about what ATC is saying, if you can’t understand ask for text.

Everyone makes mistakes, best place to learn is under pressure.

Don’t blame you there, but it really adds to the realism and immersion.

Actually most the default airports are pretty good, except for the taxiways, they are completely messed. But if you fly in the US most airport charts are free, and there are great alternative chart programs which cover the rest of the world. Personally I use Navigraph and have for years, there are some exciting new updates coming down the pipe too.

This statement is completely false.

Again, most of the default airport are pretty good.

At the end of the day, use it or don’t, but if you are looking for realism, immersion, etc, than VATSIM is the way to go. YES there are issues, but there are issues with any system, you gotta take the pros and the cons and work out how they fit into your personal experience.

It’s 10:20 pm in Germany and i want to fly in Japan. Let me check the Vatsim map for the traffic…oops, doesn’t look too hot.

Hey i have this same problem. I can only really fly after 6p local time since i work a full time job. Sure would be nice to fly in some exotic places with atc coverage.

So i fly in those places anyway. Flew out of Kolkata the other day with a buddy and there was exactly one other person and i’m pretty sure he couldnt understand me when i said “taxing to runway 01R.”

fwiw, theres is absolutely nothing you can do about a language barrier. Except not play on vatsim which it appears you’ve chosen to do. Which is okay too