Please Join vatsim



  1. Its amazing
  2. Better than In game ATC
  3. Everyone does it


  1. No Xbox support

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If everyone does it already then surely we are already all using it… :crazy_face:


I wonder if too many people started using vatsim wouldn’t it become overwhelming at popular airports? I’ve not started using yet but have watched many yt videos in preparation and just wonder if it’s ever an issue where there are so many people online at the same airport trying to take off it can take a while…

At a lot of big airports with 20+ Planes on the ground,they’re normally doing ground holds and slowly moving planes…average busy day: 39:30 minutes to Get in the air

what would be nice if there was coverage in more places in the US than just the east coast and California.

That’s not to say places like Texas and Denver don’t get coverage but i’d sure like to see some coverage in flyover America more often.


Normally some of the Midwest is staffed,Denver’s staffed añoty

Like i said, it’s not like places like Texas or Denver don’t get coverage, I just haven’t seen 100+ arrivals into Denver or a stream of planes leaving Boise or something…

Those areas aren’t as…umm fun to fly into

i mean neither is Los Angeles but when you have 20 other planes also trying to land there at the same time and you can definitely tell the controllers are stressed it’s way more interesting.

I’d say 90% of any approach is “boring.” But at least having someone to talk to when you’re making that same right base the previous 6 planes made before you is more fun somehow

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Hmm that depends :wink:
If you want to fly in peace and quiet instead of hearing neverending radio chatter, the frequency change button to “silent static noise” is always in vicinity on your favorite radio panel.
If you do that once in Vatsim you are probably kicked from your account :smiley:

I whish they would merge IVAO with Vatsim again. This would double their active users immediately.

That’s me out :\

Someday, probably. Today, no.

Ultimately, I would like to get my pilot’s license. That means I will have to get good with the communications.

For now though, I do mostly GA flying, and in areas like South Africa. Vatsim coverage during my flying hours is spotty. I would prefer Pro-ATC/SR for tubeliners, and Pilot2ATC for the rest. Both of those would allow me to talk, practice, but it would also give me coverage for the areas I fly frequently. But when the time comes for practicing for my license, I would have to practice with a real person.

I bought 4 voices this weekend in preparation for buying Pilot2ATC, so I would have variety and can easily determine who I am talking to. And the cool thing is, MSFS seems to be using those voices too. Thye base ATC in MSFS was talking to me this morning in one of those voices.


Why would they do that?

Why not?
A few decades back Vatsim and Ivao was one network but they couldnt agree about future development thats why they split into two.
As I said, the Flightsim Community is already a niche. Having seperate online networks is somewhat of a waste. Merging again would double their user base and would result in a much higher density of available ATC.

IVAO is dead….like deader than POSCON (RIP)

Vatsim and IVAO are…completely different network…one is based worldwide while the other says they are but only has ATC in Europe and south americia

Since everone does it, it sure does not need me !
Then no, thank you :slight_smile:

5 reasons why i’m not using Vatsim.

  1. I have watched some streams from vatsim ATC’s and some users are having a massive accent. Quite often i don’t know if they are speaking English or klingon.

  2. I don’t want to annoy the life out of ATC because i screw things up under pressure.

  3. I don’t fly daily and i just want to jump in, use my mods and fly the trip. I’m not in the mood of going hardcore with ICAO phraseology for my casual flights.

  4. Traffic on vatsim would be limited by other users. The amount of users and the language barrier in the radio is too unpredictable. Without vatsim i can pop AIG and there i go.

  5. The need to buy airport scenery so the visuals are actually matching the charts and what ATC is telling me. The Asobo autogen airports are probably not optimal for Vatsim.

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Yeah, the flood of gamers that came along with MSFS is why they had to revise their policies and code of conduct last month. Too many yahoos joining in not knowing how to fly their planes, using comms frequencies as general chat with others, trying to skirt the rules, flying without ATC authorization, not following ATC instructions in busy airspace, and being general nuisances.

Combining them would suddenly give 1 network with far better coverage.