Please link the G3000 glass displays to the dimming dial in the TBM930!

Everyone knows they are too bright for night flying and it seems it would be an exceedingly simple fix to just linking it to the existing dimming dial that affects the white indicator labels on the dash. I know there are hacks for this but geez, how hard can it be for Asobo to link the dimming dial in the TBM930 to the brightness off the glass displays. Please? Please?

This has been mentioned before and well discussed. I’m surprised it hasn’t been fixed already.

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i’ve used this and makes night flying much more enjoyable, it basically allows you to dim G3000 screens via instrument dimmer.

If you use the Working Title G3000 mod there is a brightness control in that. I would highly recommend that mod as it vastly improves the G3000

I appreciate the referrals to community mods thanks. I did download one already, it was a folder w/ several files but haven’t installed it yet. I think I read the next patch blew it out or something along those lines, which is something I’d rather not deal with. I do wonder how much the presence of community mods reduces Asobo’s priority for addressing something like this, which to me is very a basic function that was presumably an oversight and apparently pretty easy to resolve and should be addressed by them in the default model.

I found only one communit folder under my user name but it was not the same file location as the one in thread offering this mod. In this community folder I have two Orbx payware airports. Is this the correct communtity folder for the G3000 screen mod?

If that Community folder was inside one called Packages and had an Official folder next to it, then you had the right one. And I’ll second the motion for all three Working Title mods every day of the week (and twice on Saturdays)! To access the screen dimmer in the G3000 suite, go to either small touch screen and hit the MFD button. Then select Aircraft Systems > Lighting Config to access the dimmer. Remember that the gauge files in the WT mods remember your preferences, so if you finish a night flight with dim screens, don’t be alarmed when you get back into the plane in the middle of the day and can barely see them!

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In last TBM930 improvement mod, Dimmer switch Dim the screens and panel light

Where can you control the brightness in the TBM-930 with the G3000 mod? Still can’t figure that out. Is it in the touch screen or is there a knob?

On either touch screen, pull up the MFD screen. Touch the Aircraft Systems, then Lightning Config. The slider will go from 100% down to 1%. But with the latest update from Asobo, the Dimmer switch on the overhead now dims the screens. You don’t have the fine control to dim them just how you might like it, but it works. And unlike the touch-screen slider, it also shows the screens dimmed in chase view too.

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Dimmer switch does nothing for me, however I do have the G3000 mod installed so did it via that instead. Thank you for sharing the steps.