Please, make an option to disable trees in photogrammetric cities

Is it possible to turn off the trees in photogrammetric cities? Why is there no way to turn off the trees completely in the simulator settings? You have to edit the boundaries of each city manually in the editor and remove the trees. Since cities with added trees look absolutely unrealistic like a jungle. The only way to disable the trees is editing the usercfg.opt file by changing

Enabled 1 to Enabled 0.

But then trees will disappear throughout the planet. I remember when the simulator released in 2020, there were no trees in the photogrammetric cities. And only later they began to add them forcibly. Not allowing to disable them in photogrammetric cities. I hope in Flight Simulator 2024 there will be also option to turn off trees in photogrammetric cities.

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The problem is the trees are just objects within a larger PG dataaset, and there won’t be a designation for “Tree” for them. They are just part of the mesh, I expect, and hand removal would be the only way.

I mean to remove only autogen trees. Leaving 3D trees that go with the mesh. Cities with mesh 3D trees looks way more realistic as in real life.

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I’m not sure about that. For the most part they look like these:

PG trees have never looked good…or like trees.

Yes, the 3D trees doesn’t look very good from below. But from even 300 feet, it doesn’t look so bad. For comparison, here are screenshots from the same place with and without autogen trees.

Autogen trees ON

Autogen trees OFF

Autogen trees ON

Autogen trees OFF

It is obvious to me that the autogen trees not only block the view and the buildings are not visible, but there are too many of them. The view of the city immediately changes. With autogen trees turned on everything looks absolutely unreal. It would be better to have 3D trees than this jungle. All we need to do is make an option, so that trees can be disabled and enabled completely in the simulator settings. Without restarting the simulator and editing config files. This is terribly inconvenient.

Asobo will probably never address this issue but there are mods to make autogen trees look smaller.

Shorter Trees / Tree Height Modification VERSION 4.0 for MFS2020 (shorter, realistic trees) for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS


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If you look at this post from @Tuskin38 it appears that the photogrammetric trees have been improved in 2024 (scroll down to see the two shots of Yosemite Valley).

Maybe these changes will be backported into 2020 sometime next year.

Yes, trees in MSFS 2024 looks very good. But still it will be nice if developers can add a function to disable trees in msfs during the flight.

They’re going to be using machine learning to deleted photogrammetry trees and replace them with just autogen trees in 2024, if I understood last years FSExpo presentation correctly

Happy with that if they don’t make everywhere look like Endor. Realistic sizes would be key.