Please make departing and arriving traffic use the same direction

Finally we got departing live traffic. Problem now is that departing and arriving traffic now use opposite directions. In the picture the plane on the RWY ist just leaving after landing on 27, while the plane in the air just departed on the same RWY 09.
Traffic should always use the same directions for departures and arrival.

The aircraft on the air did a Go Around since there’s still an aircraft on the runway. Try to follow an aircraft from the gate to line up and see if they actually take off.

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Not a go-around. I watched the airplane line up and the start its take-off roll while the landing traffic was still taxiing in opposite direction.
This was EGLL and I watched for about 30 minutes. All departures used 09L/R and all arrivals used 27L/R.

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I’m seeing this, today (SU8) and yesterday (SU7). In both examples the wind was calm and the in-game ATC told me to land in one direction, with the AI landing on the reciprocal runway.

Why is this proving so hard to get right? It’s baffling.

Who knows but AI sucks in this simulator and needs a radical overhaul.


As WSSS (SIN), Singapore Changi, one flight is landing in one Direction and one taking off in another… This happens at many airports. Still an issue as of beta build (, SU11

Screenshot below

I had this happen to me at KBFI. I was cleared to land on runway 32R. I landed, but, as soon as I landed, an AI traffic was there in the middle of the runway with the nose pointing at me, which tells me that he was cleared to land on runway 14R and ATC didn’t even tell me to go around. I had to swerve to avoid hitting him.

I can’t believe that after all this time we still haven’t gotten a basic fix that won’t depart and arrive traffic on opposite ends of the runway, nor assign runways based on wind direction or actual flows determined by live traffic analysis.

I understand its going to be a huge endeavour to build a proper ATC / AI framework but even the simple fix of locking departures and arrivals to the same runways would - in conjunction with AIFlow and AIGround - do wonders to making this more enjoyable to those of us that enjoy somewhat of a realistic flying environment.


I just observed this exact same issue at EGLL, aircraft were landing to the East and departing to the West on both the North & South runways - passing through each other. Incidentally, the windsock showed a 10 knot wind from the East, so all ops should have used runways 09L & 09R and not 27L & 27R. EDIT: I re-checked the METAR as I was using real weather & time (as usual). The METAR was 10 knots from the WEST (typical for Heathrow of course) - so there was a 180 degree error shown in the windsock direction (though the incremental inflation of the windsock using the red/white knot markers was correct). I think there’s an incorrect assumption that wind reported at 270/10 means the wind is blowing towards 270 (ie from the East), obviously 270/10 means a Westerly blowing FROM 270 at 10 knots. I read on another thread that the issue was fixed but during the hiatus, 3rd party airports had already corrected the windsocks hence they are now 180 degrees off. In this case EGLL is stock from Asobo premium deluxe pack. I also checked out OMDB Dubai and the METAR / windsocks & flight ops were correct. Wind was 320/11 and all ops were using 31L/31R which is correct.

I don’t know if a server-side fix was implemented, today I took another extended look at EGLL flight ops, real weather, real time using FSLTL AI traffic injector & this time the wind socks were correct & all the flight ops were using the correct landing and departing runways into the wind, fingers crossed…

Back at EGLL - wind from the East per METAR, wind socks correct but landing and departing traffic back to opposite directions again…oh dear…


I’m at EKCH, wind 350/10. Traffic landing correctly on 4R/4L but ATC assigns 22L/R to departing traffic.
Is it really so hard to correct this behaviour?

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I have seen the same thing. I witnessed it yesterday after the update at KLAS and KDAL. I used Real/Live Weather as well as Rex Weather. Does Asobo/MS even test these updates before sending them out?

I may have an idea on what is going wrong here. That could be the reason why not many already discovered this.

If you happen to approach or be at an airport during a wind change from one to the opposite direction, ingame ATC changes the runways for AI / live traffic.
I presume that something is different with AAU2, so ingame ATC sees the opposite runway now as a total different runway and just doesn’t prevent two planes to land / takeoff on the same runway (one cleared from before the wind change and one after the wind change).
So in this time period, you can see planes ‘crashing into’ each other on one runway.

I’m not sure if this was the case before AAU2. I can say I never saw this behaviour before, so I assume it’s post AAU2.

AIFlow from might help a little here. You can force AI to land on a runway you assign. Make sure it’s started with the sim.

Edit: This program was updated 18th June to fix some of the issues you mention. See the change log.

Isnt AI supposed to follow Metar and wind directions?
I think that i see it more now then in previous updates. A lot of AI doesnt follow the live traffic/flightradar path. Even with winds gusting more then 30 knt the land with tailwind…

It does. But I assume when a wind change happens, the previously cleared aircraft still land with the old direction and the newly cleared aircraft aren’t held back - so both planes land on the same runway in opposite direction (same with takeoff btw)

Just reading all the above! I’m new to MSFS and just bought Dublin V2 has this problem never been fixed? It’s March 2024 and my AI Traffic is also taking off & landing from opposite ends of the runway no matter what I try.

I’ve got the exact same issue. I resorted to ‘Force ATC runways’ in assistance settings, which will force ATC to follow your departure/arrival in world map, but it’s only a fix if you’re departing. (set departure to 10L/R and arrival to 10L/R), but you can’t do it for arriving.

I wish Asobo added a tool for us to manually select departures/arrivals on the fly.