Please make it possible to randomize failures

Right now you need to select in the menu what failure you want triggered.

It would be nice to have an option that randomises failures.


This would be very nice to have, +1


Agreed-having random failures would be handy!


Or could this be done somehow with a mod?

I’d like to see the ability to randomize the random failure.

A setting that determines the chance for a random failure to actually occur during the flight. So you’d never know for sure that a failure was going to happen during any particular flight… just like IRL.

Perhaps a setting to influence how likely a random failure is to happen… low/med/high. Where Low would be the equivalent of real life… something like <1%. Enough where it will be in the back of your mind during flight… just like it should be.

It would be nice if this was a persisted setting so that it could be in effect (or not) for every flight.


When setting up my flights I enable failures and arm them from 0 to 99999 minutes. Theoretically that means each system has the chance to fail in the next 1666ish hours. With a two hour flight, that makes the chance for failure about 0.1% for each system. Haven’t had a failure trigger in the ~20 hours in the air I’ve put in, so I can’t say if this works or not, but until a “random failure” feature is implemented, I’ll be doing it this way.


Interesting solution…I’ll give that a try.

Also add more failures. Mostly I’d like to have vacuum failure or pitot-static system blockage. Flying IFR with partial panel is really challenging and it would be great if the sim could do that.


I’m not really a fan of random failures but I see why others would appreciate them.

Some 3rd party devs made planes with real time wear and tear that could cause failures if left unattended, that was pretty cool.

My opinion,

to randomize failures isn’t good idea. Failures need to be managed via systematic steps, not correct engine handling, leave landing lights long time in hot temperature turned ON, … Better then is set manually that failure to teach yourself solve that problem as training. If I can say next, some 3-rd party developers like Saso Kyselkov did good job with his TBM900 on XP11 to set some standard as Failure management.

This might actually work. But that is quite a work for every flight. I did so with a King Air and it took me more than 5mins to set it up!

Thats why the feature should be toggeable, so not everybody mutst have it!? :wink:
But not having randomized failures, because they seem unrealistic, is the wrong approach. How to react to failures, if you know they are coming?
And having systematic errors is way too much work for them…


It’s one thing to handle an emergency when you know it’s coming, but quite another to be surprised by one. I would prefer to train myself to be ready for the unexpected.


Underrated thread. We need an option to set chance of failure in %, from 0.01% to 99.9% and hope for the best


There already is a mod for this. Check out

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if we want REALISM then what MS /ASOBO need to do is leverage the relationship with the AC Manufacturers and get the real world Mean Time Before Failure Stats on the Major Components of the aircraft. Plug those numbers into the Sim and have failures pop up randomly based on real world data. It does absolutely no good to set up a failure of the right engine at V1 on the next takeoff because the pilot knows its going to happen. We need that to be a surprise. When I take off in a 172 and retract the flaps and all of a sudden I have a flap asymmetry issue, I want that to be a surprise. Make it like the real thing. We have no idea when the bits and parts are going to head south. Keep it that way.


My ask is pretty straightforward:

Institute random failures that are user selectable by frequency (user can average time to fail), or just keep it at the default setting that replicates real life.

As an example, a C172 attitude indicator may fail on average once every 800 flight hours. User can dial this up to once every 400 hours or down to never.

Average engine failure happens once every 3000 hours, etc.

Users would be able to dial up or down failures on instruments or systems, but if failures are turned “on” they would at the least default to the normal values.

This would more reasonably align with what real life flying is, and anticipating failures and noticing them when you’re not expecting them.



This would definitely be a great addition and add to realism.

And, being able to adjust the chance (or lack of) having a particular failure would be an important feature.

If aircraft developers did this in past sims, I’m confident it will eventually come to MSFS. A2A did it right with problems surfacing infrequently enough to make you think you were always safe. Months of flying and no issues. Then…wham… flap failure out of the blue.

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I would really like an option to enable realistic failures based on current aircraft condition. That would be awesome!


For me it takes minutes and not months to have something in A2A C172 go wrong. Specially when it comes to spark plug fouling :laughing:

No matter how many gazillion of hours I invest on learning about this thing, I always end up forgetting how to do it right after a few weeks or months of absence away from the aircraft. But that’s what makes it fun and realistic, and I can’t wait for A2A to release anything of that quality for MSFS!

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