Please make the G1000 model more accurate!

As an instrument rated private pilot, I had big hopes that FS2020 would replace X-Plane 11 which I use primarily for practicing instrument approaches. The X-Plane G1000 model is very accurate.

Sadly, FS2020 focuses more on the graphical replication of flight, which is beautiful, however the G1000/G3000 model is frankly, not accurate at all. It’s so bad, that I’m sticking with X-Plane to practice my approaches on the G1000.

Issues with the FS2020 G1000:

  1. Cannot select a waypoint and fly DIRECT to it. This is terrible. This is a fundamental function of the G1000 flight plan.

  2. When selecting an approach, there appears to be no difference between LOAD and ACTIVATE. And WHY does the G1000 add a “USER” waypoint?!?! If I’m flying with the GFC700 autopilot, and I select and approach, it adds a “USER” waypoint, and makes a 180 degree turn to fly to this waypoint. Absolutely awful.

  3. I should be able to set the MINIMUMS within the PROCEDURES page. I shouldn’t have to go to TREF to set the minimums.

Sadly, FS2020 is primarily focuses on VFR flight, which is beautifully modelled. It’s really just not ready for IFR pilots.

Please make the G1000 modelled more accurately. Until then, I’m sticking with X-Plane for my IFR practice approaches.

And make the OBS mode and course knob work!


Great post.

The avionics being so incompletely modeled is a huge problem and has made me quit using MSFS altogether at this point.

Like you - I’m trying to replicate real world situations with the sim and it’s simply not capable of it.

It is so disappointing after so much anticipation.


It’s impossible to enter a flight plan because 1: It’s too hard to grab a knob, and 2: When you grab the inner knob it skips letters regularly. From what I’ve seem the G3000 is further
r along. I can enter a FP in the TBM because the G3000 has a keypad.
Also, in the G1000 when you display the flight plan the approach legs should display altitudes and IAF and FAF.


G1000/G3000 is used in most of the aircrafts but they are so limited.

If i could atleast have one feature it would be the OBS/course mode implemented! It would really make bush flying easier landing on jungle runways without approaches.

see: G1000 OBS Button: How to use it in X-Plane 11 - YouTube

Right now only the TBM has the OBS button but it don’t do anythong. the Cessna 208 is missing it and course knob is useless.

Take official documentation and do as it is please. Just it.
Todays most of its functions are missing. For example managing flight plan is limiting, clean points from flight plan limited, auto-tune NAV frequency is not preseneted which force me to land the plane manually. MFD is almost useless - it’s nothing than map.

The last feedback snapshot shows that G1000/G3000 is slated for the Feb 21st update. It used to show “Update 9” I believe.


Thanks for reply. 21.02.21 quite far from today, but not so far if they really implement most Garmin functions.

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I think that’s an open question really. If you look at some of the great work that community members have done with the 530 & G1000/G3000/G3X already, it makes you wonder what the hold up is.

Absolutely true. I wanted to use MSFS for IFR training as well. But I am still using P3D with Flight1Tech´s G1000 student simulator because the G1000 from MSFS is completely unusable.

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After Sim Update 3 being a huge (yet of course expected) disappointment I want to see this topic on the top of a new development roadmap. The G1000 is still a fake missing almost everythig for serious pilots. This topic will not stop until the G1000 can be used as an IFR trainer.

I should have read this post prior to switching from xplane. I have reprogrammed all my arduinos from simvim to mobiflight just to find out the g1000 is practically useless. While flying an approach I couldn’t go direct to a waypoint. It took me direct to the airport (useless). Also I fly out of Whiteman in the real world. When I tried to load the Whiteman1 ODP there wasn’t any departure procedures in the database. I wonder how long I should wait before switching back to xplane.

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The G1000 will take longer to fix, but since MS-Asobo announced their Partnership with the Working Title team who will address Garmin shortcomings full-time now, there is hope.

As for the nav data, it’s because of the NavBlue database used by the sim. Get a Navigraph subscription, it will improve the FMS data immensely, and likely your missing Procedures are present.

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Thanks for that info. I was using Navigraph in xplane. Guess I should have thought of that.

If you’re a current subscriber, that’s great. You just need to download the Navigraph Beta Client that loads their FMS data over Navblue. No additional cost then!