PLEASE move the "Delete All" button from Content Manager

Please remove the “Delete All” button from the bottom right of Content Manager!

Two times now while selecting all and trying to update, I have mistakenly clicked on “Delete All”! Luckily I caught the mistake before I caused serious problems but common, the updated look to Content Manager is confusing and terrible, and who puts the “update” button and “delete all” button next to each other! Same color and same location. This is just a mistake waiting to happen. So annoying!

Yeah, some of their UI decisions were amazingly bad. Thank heavens some are being fixed now like the content manager screen.

They also need to get rid of that stupid menu drop down symbol that displays every time you move the mouse. There is zero need to do something so intrusive.


Agree! Or at the very least have an option in the menu to hide that drop down all together

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It would be nice to be able to assign the drop-down menu to a keyboard key or combo instead of mouse movement.