Please move trees from end of RWY 32 on 2NC0

airport 2NC0 at Mountain Air has trees planted at the end of runway 32 (as if it isnt hard enough to land on a short rwy at the top of a mountain. A little help???

Please submit the bug to zendesk in order for asobo to see and fix it as they do not react on forum posts alone.

I agree there is one tree that looks like it shouldn’t be there, but at 2857 feet long, Mountain Air is actually quite long for GA aircraft. Try landing at Lukla airport for a real challenge. :+1:t2:

Hi there,

They’ve done some tree work recently, and I went to 2NC0 and saw this at the end of runway 32.

I don’t see a tree blocking this, anymore. So I am considering this resolved.