Please release the full SDK!

Hi Developers!

After almost a year, the SDK is not complete. A lot of vital information is missing to make a proper airplane. During this time, the larger companies have already released more aircraft or are in the process of developing them. I ask how? I had the suspicion that they favored some market players because it was obvious that companies like Aerosoft or PMDG were aware of the full SDÍK because that was the only way it could produce full pro aircraft.
Why not release the full documentation? This is not a fair with players or smaller developers either! I vote for the post to come to the fore. Please release the full SDK
How much longer do you have to wait for it? Will I receive expanded information if I join thepartner program?

It would be good if you could get to the authorities…


This seems like a great question to ask the SDK team directly if you feel inclined: All Posts - MSFS DevSupport

This sounds VERY nice, i would vote.

I find the SDK documentation truly bizarre.

It’s like it’s been written by someone who knows it inside out as some sort of shorthand reminder for themselves and only themselves.

If I was in charge of this area and someone delivered that, they’d be fired.


Or by somebody who is feeling their way through somebody else’s code and still trying to work it out themself and the notes that they made along the way got released as the documentation?

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To be honest, I Think the SDK at the moment is fully capable of producing what ever one imagines… Sure it is not extremely well documented, but files of default aircraft are there to open study how things work … the only catch is The only catch is linking the animations and interraction using model behaviours… which once you figure out how to make a button, you figure out how to make all buttons, and once you figure out how to make one animation, you know how to make any animation.

Secondly, the gauges are much easier now than they ever were in FSX … JavaScript is a very well documented language and very widely used,any question is 5 seconds away in google… anything that can be done in a browser can be done in a gauge window in the sims cockpit.

Tools for modeling are also easier to use IMHO…