Please remove the 5 minute time limit between posts in the forum

I am now beset with a 5 minute timeout between posts. 5 minutes? That’s an eternity.

I could see possibly a 20 second or maybe even 30 second pause between posts within the same topic, but, this time limit is across posts, and even sections. So if I switch topics, and immediately have an answer for a user, I have to wait 5 minutes before I can post my answer while I twiddle my thumbs looking at my answer.

If this remains, it will drive me from this forum. I didn’t come here to read the forum like a book, I’ve been interacting here for over a year.

See ya later, I’ll check back later and see if it’s removed. I definitely don’t have time for such nonsense.

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Today is the first day I ever got a notification that I have to wait a few more seconds before I can post as it was still too close to the last time I posted.

I am assuming that today being an update day, that the forum implemented this new feature. Probably because they know that when someone is upset they tend to go on multiple rants about the same thing and they’re probably just trying to cut down on that.

But today I got a notification “Wow! You’ve been sharing a lot of love! You’ve reached the maximum daily likes for today, but as you gain trust levels, you’ll earn more daily likes. You’ll be able to like posts again in 12 hours.”

Likes are good energy. It makes people feel good about what they posted or contributed.

Why limit ones ability to “like” people’s post? I like to be a positive person and one of those aspects is by giving positive energy in the form of likes to my buddies here at forums.flightsimulator.

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Yes, the limit on “Likes” is super annoying, too… Now there’s a 5 minute delay between being able to post, that is totally not ok and will make this forum impossible to utilize. I definitely don’t have 5 minutes to wait between each post I make.

I put it in bugs and issues so it could be voted on. I don’t know if it’s a bug, but it’s certainly an issue.

Timers on topics are there for a reason. Generally we do 8 to 20 minutes timers.

Timers assist in moderation.