Please remove VR controller sleep timer

VR Controllers fall asleep very quikly, not more than a minute after the last interaction, with no option to change that. As a result when you need to grab a controller, you don’t see where it is anymore, and even if you know where it is you have to wake it up by squeezing first. This happens almost every time you do anything after the initial startup procedure. It should not go to sleep while the hardware controller is active, or there should be a setting to change the timout period, including “never” option. Current state adds an unnecesary step, which is both immersion-breaking and inconvenient. I don’t think there is a reason to have that sleep timer. All VR games/sims that I know show the controller as long as the hardware controller is on. If the intention is just to hide a visual representation of the controller - that may be a good thing, but it should not “fall asleep” then or should be woken up the moment it moves, without extra presses needed.