Please return instrument failure like it was in FSX

there is luck of failure like:

  • vacuum system
  • pitot system
  • static port system
  • attitude indicator
  • VOR, DME, Glideslope for non glideslope approaches

please make this simulator suitable for training

I think there is enough instrument failures already. ,)
(Sorry could not resist)

Hi, I actually don’t have FS2020 yet (waiting to get high-speed internet hooked up), so obviously can’t see what is in the sim. Could one of you reply with a list of the currently-available failures - I’d love to see what they are.

I’d definitely would like to see them in the sim. Back in FSX, I created over 100 flights where various failures were simulated. The goal being, of course, to land safely, preferably:
a) on a runway, or failing that
b) at least at an airport, or failing that
c) anywhere there wasn’t a building, tree or rock! :woozy_face:

The first flight was really easy to complete. By flight 100, you just knew something awfully bad was going to happen, and would be anxiously scanning your instruments to see what devilish disaster I had planned for you… :smiling_imp:

I think these would make for great challenges or missions, if the features are available in FS2020.

So, a thumbs-up from me!
Happy Flying,