Please Seperate Electric Trim & Trim Wheel Functions

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When using the trim wheel, the electric trim switch functionality should be separate from the trim wheel functionality, not function together like it is currently modeled or coded. The electric trim switch and trim wheel should only function simultaneously together when the electric switches are used.

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When trimming the aircraft (specifically the Cessna 172) with the trim wheel, the electric trim switches on the yoke function in unison. I can even hear the electric trim switches “click” even though I’m using the trim wheel and not the electric trim switches on the yoke peripherals. This should not happen and does not represent real world operation. The simulator’s functionality of the electric trim switches on the yoke should be considered a completely different function than the functionality of the trim wheel on the throttle quadrant. The trim wheel should act independently from the electric trim switches, rather than functioning simultaneously together unless the user is operating the trim with the electric trim switches, in which case the trim wheel would function with the electric trim switches.

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Honeycomb Alpha yoke & Honeycomb Bravo throttle quadrant.

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Has been occurring since the original release of the simulator. Current build is

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This is not quite right. It should only be separated in one direction (the one you describe in steps to reproduce) from wheel to switches and not from switches to wheel. In a real aircraft the trim wheel moves with operation of the electric trim.

No vote until this is corrected.

@Sling380 Good point. I have corrected my original post to reflect this.

@N6722C yes the trim wheel should operate in conjunction with the electric trim switches when the trim switches are used as the input, but the electric switches should not activate if the user is controlling trim with the trim wheel only. I have removed all 3rd party content aka the Community Folder this go around to verify that is not the case. It is a Microsoft/Asobo error that needs corrected.

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I understand how the systems work (or are supposed to). Talking small GA aircraft, yes. I also have the 172SP mod and the same thing occurs for me.