Please slow down the A.I. road traffic for better immersion

Coming into approach over Manila in the bright mid-morning sunshine (and what an approach - FANTASTIC, Asobo, words can’t even, etc), it bugged me that the erratic, inconceivably fast road and highway traffic scurrying about below incoherently (and often in the wrong traffic lanes) does somewhat break the immersion.

I know it won’t be a priority, but if there’s some universal setting that governs such things as the average speed of ground-based traffic, please hit that switch and let’s slow them down to something far more realistic.

This is truly an amazing flight sim. It can be even better in a hundred myriad small ways.


I am very happy with the sim but I agree the AI road traffic does need some tweaking. In some areas the traffic follows the roads. In other areas it is all over the place. I understand this isn’t the most important issue at this time, but please make an effort to improve this aspect of the sim in the future. I believe this sim is the future and these small details are what creates an immersive experience. Thank you for considering this suggestion.


I agree, and with a bit of elaboration.
Could we have TWO variations of road traffic

  1. city, slower
  2. highway/interstate, faster
    …and be able to adjust speed AND density with sliders for both options
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Agree. There are areas in my town that are basically private roads and in sim show lots of busy traffic . Hurts the immersion

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I know some will put this down as a tiny feature, but I think having more realistic cars and car speeds on the roads would really increase the realism and immersiveness of the game.

I’m a bit ‘autistic’ I guess, I’m not diagnosed but I’m probably undiagnosed, and so I get really thrown off the realistic experience when I see a blurry pixelated lorry with no wheels (at only 500ft high above it) suddenly turn around and going 80MPH down a medium sized 30mph road.

So the things to improve would be the speed they travel, (slow them down), and the way they move back and forth. Also, it’d be cool if some cars actually parked or slowed down at intersections, but not sure how hard that would be to program.

Graphically, the improvement would be in making them appear less pixelated and paper-like.

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I agree, xplane11 had beautiful addon for low speed computers and high speed computers traffic so no problems with fps…this in msfs2020 is awful when you fly low and see how funny traffic is

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I you think the traffic is unrealistic, you should see the driving in Adelaide… :laughing:


Yes, traffic often running around at break neck speeds around small back streets

Street racers😂

Pretty much the norm on my daily commute. Maniac drivers everywhere. :rofl: