Please update UK Bing data

Please could the team update the UK Bing maps data as there are parts of my region that have been updated by the Bing team that don’t show up in the sim.

Bing appears to have updated their map data over a year ago yet this data wasn’t updated in WU3 and WU3 even removed objects such as roads and solar farms etc.

It’s not just the UK, I’m sure, as I was just looking over Calgary. What I did find in the UK, less than a mile from where I live is an entire primary school, and neighbourhood missing at any zoom level lower than 12.5.


Now we switch to 12.4:


Huge chunks of development around Ely simply disappear. That primary school opened in 2014, and was being built for a year or two before that. Before that even appeared there were buildings nearby, so I am pretty confident in saying that the Bing imagery <= zoom 12.4 is at least 10 years old. Calgary was pretty much the same.