PMDG 737 800 Heat blur issue

hello everyone, after the last update of pmdg i got a graphic error with the heat blur of the engines. does anyone have an idea to fix the error? thank you to the community…

Are you on standard su11 or the beta?
I’m on the beta, but will test in a few minutes to see if I’m seeing that to in external view

Just tested…I’m not having this issue with the 800.
Might have been fixed in beta

No iam not in the beta… :frowning:

also the passenger windows have a really weird filter since last pmdg update
dark or very white

I noticed that too, but i was thinking it was the view mod i installed…guess I’ll wait for the update

I noticed it in a 600 livery , but now I tried the 800 klm and the views are fine

Tried reinstalling the aircraft yet? About the tinted windows PMDG are aware and will fix the issue

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No, but i think reinstall can be helping… i will test it and reported again…

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Yeah… after reinstall the issue is gone… thanks for your help…

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Ive had this off and on for different aircraft the past month - I dont need to reinstall I just clear the direct X cache and that seems to fix it.

and how do i delete the folder?

Type “disk cleanup” in search - and click on drive you want to clean up (Usually the C: drive regardless of where your MSFS is). After click ok you should get a dialog with items to clean up. You should see an option for Direct X shader cache - it wont be checked by default you will need to do that. You can Check/Uncheck anything else you want…then click ok. Should take a bit then it should be done.

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