PMDG 737-800 in Homecockpit

i want to use the PMDG in my Homecockpit.
Until now i find out how to “pop-out” the PFD/ND/FMC/EICAS, that works.
I want to move this “WASM” Windows now on the other PC’s in my Homecockpit.
For this i plan to use a Software called “Spacedest”, that should work.

But here are some Questions i still have:

  1. How to disable the Virtual Cockpit of the PMDG ?
    I enable the Homecockpit mode, strange translation in the German Version of the Sim:

    But the virtual Cockpit is still there??

  2. I need the Standby Instruments, like the Clock, Flaps and so on:

Because this Instruments can not be “pop-out”, any ideas what Software i can use for that ?

  1. Is there a Description how to set up all the Switches and Displays via FSUIPC Offsets ?

…and the Numbers in the Pedestal.

  1. I have the Aft OVHD and the MCP from Sismo. Does anyone know if i can use this directly with the PMDG ?

Thanks a lot

You may want to ask these questions on PMDG’s forum as well.!

ProSim would be what u are looking for. Consumer products are not really meant to use for a cockpit build.

I have Prosim at the moment, but that software is soo terrible, issues over issues.
You can not thrust any Approach, intercepting a VOR works sometimes, mostly not and so on and so on.
No weather Radar as well.
The List has no end !

Currently you can’t, for any aircraft as this is a sim limitation.

Spacedesk works perfect for connecting iPad, tablets, etc… and is what most of us using pops out use. You will also want to take a look at Pop Out Manager although the positioning and sizing being remembered will come with SU12.

ok, will have a look.

What about the panel state?
When i pop out the panels and restart the sim, i have to do it again ?

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As of SU11, yes, that’s why we use tools like Pop out Manager which takes care of this.

Once SU12 releases (which is scheduled for Tuesday) this is fixed and when you pop them out they will return to their previous size and location.

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Ahh, cool, thanks

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