PMDG 737 Discussion (PC Version) (Part 2)

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Now that I have the UFT and my Navigraph/SimBrief set-up, from here on out can I do all the data downloads right from the FMC? Route, Fuel, Payload and Descent forecast? Or do I have to got to the UFT first to download from SimBrief, then continue from there in the FMC? Thanks for any fine points procedure-wise, as it already works/just looking for the most direct path.

You need to go to the UFT first and import the data from Simbrief.

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I am now on the latest market place version of the PMDG B738, and I have encountered a new problem. I can no longer hear the dialogue between pilot and push back tug after requesting a push back (the stuff like “set parking brake please” etc.) What changed in the latest version? Is it that I must now turn up a volume button on the coms panel? If so, which one? Thanks!

That sounds like a GSX issue. Double check your GSX audio settings and if needed try changing them to a different output, applying, then setting them back. That issue isn’t related to the 737.

I don’t use GSX, this is just the PMDG-internal pushback service. I also noticed that I seem to have lost all Randazzo-recorded voices, such as the call-outs “airspeed alive”, 80 knots, V1, rotate. Very strange…

The V speed callouts during takeoff are part of the options you can set in the FMC. I don’t use the stock pushback so I don’t recall if audio for that is one of those options or not.

Speaking of dialog, after you’ve pushed back, what is the ??? word from the ground crew? “Steering pin is pulled, watch for the ??? release on your right, have a good flight.”

My bad, GSX has very similar ground crew audio and I’ve seen people mention recently they had issues with no ground crew audio. Made an assumption that was your issue as well with the 737.

Interesting you lost it with this latest version. I lost it several versions ago and don’t know how to bring it back, either.

Always check the documentation:



Before we configuring the airplane for taxi we must get visual confirmation from the pushback crew (tug/towbar, pin, headset and hand signal). They usually hold the pin in one hand and give us a thumbs up.

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Thank you. I do read, but I had not recalled that was a selectable option.

It probably was reset when I had to delete my custom states due to issues.

Thanks for your responses. Several people have advised me to check all the callout settings and the voice setting. Just to restate me problem: since the last update (last Thursday on marketplace) I have lost all Randazzo recordings, such as speed call outs and pushback exchange. I have now double checked all the settings, all call outs are still turned on. On the pushback page, where in your case it says “Comms Voice”, mine only says “Comms”, and it doesn’t let me click on it to change that setting.

Anyway, not the end of the world, but if someone else encounters the same problem, maybe we can figure it out.

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This is probably something you could bring up to PMDG in a support ticket. If it ends up actually being a bug of some sort they’d probably want to know, and if it’s not I’m sure they could probably help resolve it.


I am seeing the same issue here.


I even deleted both of the related 737 directories with in the various ..\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\ folders and deleted and restalled the -600 and -700 from the Content Manager and I still have no option to enable COMMS.


I removed all Community folder and OneStore content other than Deluxe, Premium, WUs, CUs, Top Gun and Red Bull content and the issue still persists.

Opening Ticket at PMDG…

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@PathlessSpore60 While PMDG haven’t responded re: the missing “VOICE” label under COMMS, I believe I have found the reason for the lack of voice cues – Headphone Simulation set to ON.

If I toggle that OFF, I hear the communications.

If I toggle it back ON, I no longer hear the communications.

I’ll update my Ticket with PMDG to inform them of this.


That would make sense, I just recently turned Headphone Simulation on. Nice discovery!


Strange engine problem. Edit: Solved! In post #37

I always follow the correct procedure when starting the B-737 from cold / dark for takeoff. Well, in any case I manage(d) to start both engines.
Since a couple of days my right engine won’t start while the left engine starts without problems.

Am I missing something? I can’t recall changing any of the PMDG settings (I usually don’t touch these).

Thanks in advance for your tips :wink: