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Ah that would make sense!

Thank you.

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Howdy, I own the -600 and -700, will probably get the -800, can’t remember if they are doing the Max version.

However, I have a problem. I have not been able to fly the -700 for some time. First, it was the battery switch was poking through the cover and I could not click on anything. Now, after this last update to SU 10, I can’t click anything and the keyboard shortcuts don’t work. I checked and made sure that under the General Options it is set to Legacy and not Locked.

The -600 is completely free from any issues and I love flying it. The PMDG line is definitely my favorite to fly these days. While I love the Salty 747, the aircraft is too automated, I enjoy having to manually input more of the flight information/systems setup in the 737.

TLDR, 737-700 is completely locked up with no switches being clickable and the keyboard shortcuts are not working either. I did make sure to select “Legacy” instead of “Locked” in the General Options/Accessibility options.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the -700. Each variant is a separate aircraft with a separate community folder. It’s possible only the -700 is corrupted, and might be why the others work fine.

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You nailed it, thank you! I completely forgot that I had moved msfs to my ssd drive and it didn’t copy the files correctly.

736 was bought and installed directly onto the ssd which is why it worked without issue. Reinstalled the 737 and running like a champ. Thank you.

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Does anyone have issues with liveries installed in operations manger not showing up in the install list, but showing up on the game and when you come to remove the livery, you cant uninstall it as its not on the list but by deleting it, it still shows up in the liveries selection in the game…
I have two liveries with this problem…

2rd party liveries don’t seem to show an installed icon preview, but go to -

Ops Centre->Aircraft & Liveries->Livery Utilities->Export or Remove Installed Liveries

to remove any 3rd party ones.

EDIT: seems like Ops Centre has a refresh problem, because installed 3rd party liveries on that page only show up first time. select any dropdown and you get a blank listing. A bug I think. You seem to have to close Ops centre down and reopen again for the list of the installed 3rd party liveries to appear in that “Livery Utilities” page.

Let´s assume one of the integrated disk generators fails in the 737. Is in this case the APU started in flight?
Or leave the pilots the APU off and say “well whatever, it would be too much coincidence having the second generator fail also!” while continuing the flight normally?

Not sim-related but since there are few RL pilots here, I wanted to ask -

How “hard” is the 250 knot speed limit < 10,000 (in the US)? I thought it was mandatory but yesterday, I came out of my office (approx 15 miles south of BOS) and saw an A320 fly over low and fast. Looked it up on Flight Aware, it was inbound to BOS, at 3,000’ doing 290 knots. I didn’t think speeds this fast were permitted.

Just trying to fly my own “jet” in the most realistic manner.

Scroll a little back, it was discussed here not so long ago.

The 290 knots shown on FlightAware is ground speed, which might indeed be higher than 250 knots if the aircraft was flying with a tailwind.

The 250 knot restriction below 10,000 feet is for indicated airspeed as shown on the instruments.

Ground speed will be higher than 250 knots also the higher the aircraft flies. Even in a zero-wind situation, if the aircraft is at 9000 feet (with ISA temperature and pressure), maintaining 250 knots IAS will give a true airspeed of 289 knots

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Just had my first flight in PMDG B737 since SU10 update. I always start in COLD&DARK. But was unable to toggle the Power Switch this time.

By clearing the "working area’ ( ie FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\Packages and remove pmdg-aircraft-737 folder). Then the initial startup default allows me to fly the 737, but not from C&D. So will have to live with it until PMDG resolve the problem.

A reinstall of the B737 will not work since the existing ‘working area’ will still be used. This clearing of the W/A also works when hydaulics have been an issue (no steering, flaps and spoilers, may have been caused by me not starting the B737 correctly). A restart will not clear this, another bug.

Here is the explanation from a week ago

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I have been using the PMDG 737 throughout the SU10 beta period and have no problems starting C&D. Whatever is causing the problem on your system, I doubt it is something that PMDG can resolve.

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This plane is an absolute beauty to fly. PMDG well done for creating such an excellent addon.


And no other airplane has this awesome outside view!


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Barberpole is stick shaker. What triggers low speed warnings due to reduced maneuver load margin is the top of the amber bar. You can test it. Fly slow and start a turn or use speedbrakes and see how the amber bar creeps up.

Anyone else had flickering displays/indicators since SU10? I’ve tested all 737s and found this, all displays and indicator lights are flickering. Assuming it’s some sort of corruption post-SU10 but just curious if it’s affected anyone else.

Are you using DLSS?
I have switched for now to DLSS (I like the quieter GPU fans!), but some of the smaller text in the displays (like the 100’s of Ft in the altitude display) just shimmers a shade of grey when changing value. It could be something like that. Not seen annything else going on with 737 and SU10, it’s been fine.

No this is major flickering and it only affects the 737’s, nothing else. Yes I’m using DLSS at the mo.

Will reinstall, see if that does the trick.

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Nope haha.

Must be a post SU10 conflict. Maybe a mod. Because it was fine pre update.

Now begins the laborious process of community folder trial and error. Which takes an age because of how long the sim takes to load.